Coenzyme 10 or Coq10

I am using this on a regular basis and my energy has picked up My basal
requirements have dropped a lot as wele as my IC ratio. Took a long time to figure out what was causing the change in the insulin requirements. Part was diet and some was coQ10. Anyone else have such experience?

I have been using CQ10 for around 6 years because I use Statins to help control my high cholesterol. Can not say yes or no in regards to my blood sugar.

I take it but it doesn’t do anything wonderful for me that I notice.

I took statins for years with no problem, but they finally started causing severe muscle spasms. Stopped the statins and took CoQ10 for about a year to replenish my body’s supply of it. Didn’t notice any difference in my BG levels.

I’ve taken CoQ10 for over 20 years and will skip a few months here or there and have never noticed it helping blood sugar levels, I mostly take it for allergies and like the added benefit of heart health because that does run in my family.

It did help my endurance energy levels when I was working and was something I always recommended along with Carnitine for the more serious athletes. Good research on it regarding muscle energy.

My hubby and I have been talking about starting CoQ10 for a while now. Are they all the same or certain types to look for? We both take statins. Dr. Ken Berry on Youtube is an advocate for it.

Does this help allergies? I’ve been taking it for just over a year since I started taking a statin. Since May or so of last year, my allergies have been dramatically better than they were in the past. Still allergic to everything, but no longer debilitating on a daily basis. I thought it was because I did almost four years of allergy shots. But I didn’t realize that CoQ10 might also be helping.

I do notice my energy levels are also better and blood sugar is easier to control. But my health in general has improved a huge amount over the past year, so I think that may be the cause rather than any single supplement I’m taking.

@Jen I have weird allergies and I was told good luck ever figuring them out as they can only test for the most common things. But CoQ is a natural antihistamine and we used to recommend it for customers all the time. I have taken a lot before when I’ve had some bad reactions and it has worked, same with my husband who is allergic to cats. I use it almost year round for my hayfever type allergies. But it’s more along the lines of taking a benedryl type thing versus stopping the allergy itself? Mullein for congestion and eyebright for itchy eyes also works good without the side effects of some of the meds. And in combo with the Coq works pretty good. They even have CoQ in some high doses of 600 or 800 mg’s.

I would expect the allergies would still be there, so the shots are probably what helped you overall and allergies are very wearing so your health should improve without the constant as bad allergy response. The CoQ probably helps give a nudge to your immune system and allergy response along the way.

@Marie20, that’s really interesting! I had no idea that it could help allergies. I definitely still have allergies even after the shots, but I’m able to control them with much less medication than in the past. I’m able to take just one extra-strength Reactine during allergy season or when I’m around allergens (like dogs) and allergy eye drops as-needed, and that’s it. In the past I was maxed out on all medications (prescription-strength antihistamines, eye drops, nasal spray, inhaler, plus sometimes also took Benadryl) and sometimes got steroids in addition and still had uncontrolled symptoms half the time. It was definitely wearing, and I have so much more energy now that my seasonal and environmental allergies have improved somewhat and other health issues have improved as well. So I am very happy. :slight_smile: