Coffee. Blood sugar levels go North or South?

It is now thought that coffe may delay the onset of severe insulin resistance leading to T2D.
But once you get T2, they say the effects on BG aren’t really that good (ie BG can rise). What does coffee or Tea do to your BG? Friend or Foe?

i think coffee is responsible for higher reading before lunch but it’s really hard to give up

I drink decaf, because the suspected culprit in BG rise is not the coffee per se, but the caffeine. There is an ingredient in coffee that can lower blood sugar as well, and is good for Diabetics, but it does not overshadow the effects that caffeine can have. I drink decaff so I can have these benefits, with a small, small amount of 2%, and a lot of cinnamon… as cinnamon is known to lower blood sugars, as well. :slight_smile:…

usually they go up,but I am DT1 so no relation…
sorry,just enated to help :slight_smile:

I think that water purified coffee (to make the decaf) is preferred to some other methods which can potentially leave some nasty residues

I just drink instant… lol