Coffee Drinkers, where are you?


About 2 cups before I go to work; and either a few cups while there or a couple of sodas. I usually drink a mix of 1/2 coffee and 1/2 milk. I like it cool, and usually with a little flavoring.

Yeah, I know all that caffeine isn’t good for my kidneys, but i jsut can’t get around without it.


Pretty tame, isn’t it? LOL


I never knew that coffee had any carbs.




Seriously i drink a lot, no sugar anymore as well. That be the difference I’d say



hi why did you cut cappuccino if you are having coffee with milk? the foam is just milk… I am asking because I cut lattes and replaced them with cappuccinos because to reduce my carb intake… serious question?


I drink my coffee black w/no sugar and it still raises my BG. I bolus 1.5 U before my morning cup and follow that with a 1U correction when i get to work. I could adjust my basal, but my schedule is too variable. The before and after bolus’ work for me.


I drink 1 or 2 cups a day, black, and it seems to have no effect on my BG at all. YDMV. :slight_smile:


I love coffee! Starbucks, Organic French Roasts, and sumatra, they are my treat for the day. Coffee can raise blood sugars (sigh) but I have decided that right now, I do not want to give it up (gave up everything else, almost!). I drink only decaf after my am half regular/half decaf and buy the best coffee, usually organic and grind my own, use half and half and english toffee flavored stevia YUM!


English toffee Stevia…where???


Good price, hard to find in health food stores, they also have vanilla creme, orange, chocolate and more. They are very good and last a while as you need about 6 drops in a cup of coffee. Delicious!


raises hand
I buy non dairy creamers that have 5 or less sugars in them and use Splenda. This year my goal is to give up my bi-weekly sugar free soy caramel machiatto from the coffee shop that I end up getting during the school year.


raises BOTH hands That’s what I’m currently doing, but sans Splenda, and I add a little real cream as well. The White Chocolate & Macadamia Nut creamer (reduced sugar) is to die for!!!


I’m a coffee drinker. Flat white with no sugar is my style.


Lol. There is a really good chocolate caramel nondairy creamer that I am enjoying right now. Yum!


It is rare that you find me without a cup of coffee in my hand or on the desk next to me. I start in the morning around 6:30am and finish my last cup around 11:00pm before bed. I only read the articles that say’s coffee’s good for you. I’ve had to give up drinking, smoking and most of my favorite meals I refuse to give up coffee to.



Funny how giving up those “designer” coffee drinks is so hard. I think of them as a treat when I have them and I refuse to feel guilty. Of course some of them I can’t have but I try to be content with what I can have once and while - In fact, I think I will have one later this week!



Da , we need one vice i gave up the others !



Well I mean if you sometimes don’t get enough sleep at night, and you HAVE to function the next day, you gotta take something to pull you up – adrenalin rush/fight or flight it will have to be. Caffeine is something people need unless they’re independently wealthy and can get up whenever they want to.


When your not rich… Caffeine! =^D