Coffee Drinkers, where are you?


I’m bringing some Tim Horton’s coffee down to my American friends next week when we visit. One of them is Canadian, and she LOVES Tim Horton’s. I’m packing our 4 cupper French press - and of course - pick up a bottle of Bailey’s at the 1,000 Island Bridge border. Coffee in the a.m. will be oh so sweet!!! Slurp, slurp, I think I’m going to go and have a coffee now .


Love the stuff. I do the same thing, Manny, and love the studies that tout the great antioxidant content of coffee… :slight_smile: I don’t have diabetes, but as the parent of a child with T1 and all the night checks, I couldn’t get through the day without coffee. I love Lavazza espresso. I don’t make espresso from it, but use a drip cone and make one, big, delicious, strong black cup at a time. The only downside is that if I don’t drink coffee, I not only get an unimaginably horrific headache, I throw up. Instead of quitting, I just make sure I always have plenty on hand. Amazon auto-ships 4 cans of Lavazza at a time by subscription. :slight_smile:


Ohhhh sounds HEAVENLY…wish I were there to have one with you Anna! A Timmy’s with an “Old Fashion Plain”…must not forget the Bailey’s of course :slight_smile:


What can I say? I just love coffee! I keep telling myself I’ll switch fully to decaf but it jus 'aint the same! I drink around 3 to 5 cups of black coffee also a day… it gives me energy, I’ve tested myself with decaf and it makes not an iota of difference to my blood glucose levels, so why change? Decaf makes me feel cranky and sleepy.

I’m going to keep drinking the fully loaded coffee… we have to have some things in life that we can hold on to. :slight_smile:


I drink 2 - 3 large cups of black coffee in the morning and then switch to tea for my afternoon work shift. If I drink coffee after 6 p.m. then I don’t sleep very well. I found lately that my BG rises when I drink coffee. I counteract that rise with one unit of insulin.


That’s just Awesome!


I usually have coffee only on the week end. Usually a soy latte, unless I really crave chocolate, then it’s a mocha but I was told not to bolus at night since I’m always low in morning. I don’t know, the latte is only 1 carb but the mocha is 3. I do love the taste of it tho!


big coffee drinker here too…coffee in the am and iced coffee in the afternoon
i have not seen any effect on my diabetes with coffee and i have been type 1 for 35 years now,


I drink coffee every day. Sometimes my BG goes up and sometimes it goes down. I really do not thin it has a thing to do with coffee. However, I have learned one little trick. I sprinkle the grounds with cinnamon before I make the coffee and that makes it very tasty. Some folks have also suggested that cinnamon lowers BG. I will not say that is true or untrue, but if it is true, think of all the good things I am doing for myself?


rick phillips


I usually only drink coffee to stay awake or alert when I’m driving on long road trips, and then I prefer Dunkin’ Donuts–“America runs on Dunkin’”–coffee with artifical sweetener and a little cream. I also drink any kind of coffee at boring luncheons or meetings. If the luncheon or meeting isn’t boring, iced tea or hot tea if it’s available is fine.


What I’ve heard is that for coffee is good for you, but as a diabetic, I’ve heard it can effect our bs levels. And, I did try to see what my morning levels were without it for awhile. I had my cereal just as i normally did and shot up just as i normally did and my after breakfast numbers were great. Dropping coffee made a difference. too bad, I love coffee and need my caffeine. Even with skim milk and splenda it makes my bs higher. That said, I learned to compensate for it. It’s just another part of our daily balancing act.


where do you find a 3 carb mocha? the starbucks mocha is around 50 carbs, but I like that they have the carbs counted.


I love my first two cups in the morning! Wouldnt be without it…

It doesnt raise my sugars so I am not going beyond that…


I can wake up and drink coffee for a couple hours before eating - maybe 16 to 20 oz of very strong brew from home ground beans. I can watch the trend on my CGM stay flat. So for me - black coffee does not effect BG levels greatly.

As for caffeine’s diuretic effect - I say “so what!” I eat sports gels with caffeine when I cycle long distances with no ill effects. Not as tasty as coffee though :wink:


my name ivan and i am addicted to caffeine. i make my coffee and bring a thermo to work so i can control the contents of the beverage. does anyone know if starbucks provide info on their beverages?


I drink coffee mooring and at night but never more that 1-3 cups. Unless i add lots of other stuff it never affect my bg much either way. But then again coffee go along with seminary like pray and tuition.


I drink coffee every single day. I usually start off with a large coffee in the morning then maybe 2 cups in the afternoon then maybe about 3 or 4 cups for dinner.


I take it decaff these days… though coffee is never 100% decaff… there’s always traces.


Those type of coffee raise my blood sugar terribly. My Friend bought me a similar coffee from Tim Hortons, I think. Never did that again. I gave him a earful for buying both of us(both Diabetics) such a coffee. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love coffee, but only great coffee. I buy fresh beans on the internet from custom roasters, grind the beans just before brewing and take care measuring ingredients and controlling brewing conditions. The making of coffee takes some effort to get it right, BUT I always have GREAT COFFEE in the morning.