Coffee Drinkers, where are you?


Oh Manny, I love my coffee, black, flavored, lattes, cappachino, etc. I drink alot of coffee because I can drink it with no sugar or sf syrups. I worry about the effects too, but i cant have sugar, salt or alot of fat. What vice is left but caffeine??


I use a one touch ultra smart meter also and i love it. I think it is most accurate and you can see your logbook entries easily!


I love my morning Capp I make with my espresso machine and my hand foamer (I prefer it to the steamer on the machine and it’s great for cold coffee too). I figure I useabout 1/3 a cup of milk for that at 5 carbs and add that into my breakfast. I was concerned about the blood sugar rise from the milk so I limit my capp to the morning and later in the day I just have a plain espresso with a sliver of lime rind.


Stevia is a nasty tasting bitter substance that some people find enjoyable to replace sugar.
Unfortunately I have tried it a few times and it still is bitter and horrid, only thing worse is saccharin…
Doesn’t help that im a PTK taster (Google that if your curious)
Also realize that Agave Syrup is just a “natural” form of high fructose corn syrup.
As someone once said to me, just because something is deemed “natural” doesn’t mean its good for you…
Take Arsenic for instance…


Center for Science in the Public Interest is a very biased group of people, who oftentimes are hypocritical of their own studies… I consider them similar to a congressional lobby.

Only believe half of what you read (unknown)


Its the milk. Try this… try drinking it without the milk a few times and test your blood sugar as you normally do, eating about the same thing…


Didn’t get into the Teeccino even though one of the tea shops around here offers it as well as coffee… I actually tried the concentrate versions of Toddy Low Acid coffee… Seemed a lot more enjoyable and didn’t bother me as much as some decafs still do. (Yeah isnt acid reflux evil on top of diabetes… double whammy)


I have to second all of the above. Life without coffee would really suck.


It is natural for the body to produce a serge in glucose in the morning irrespective of coffee intake. The same hormones that are produced in the process of waking up stimulate the liver to provide glucose for energy. I, like most of us, consume my coffee in the morning with breakfast. It is easy to associate the rise in blood Glucose with coffee consumption. I tried some informat tests with and without my morning coffee. I did not see any significant effects on my BG levels, BUT I SURE MISSED THE BOOST IN MY ENERGY.


Fair Traded


If you’re worried about creamer, I use in coffee, oatmeal, everything, unsweetened Silk. It doesn’t make tasty drinking milk but it works great in coffee with splenda and has 4g carb/cup!


I love coffee… I work nights and I NEED IT! lol


I don’t work nights and I need it!!!


i don’t think i could ever quit cheese. it’s just too horrible to contemplate!


Manny…coffee is my vice! stRbucks is my home away from home!!!


Manny…coffee is my vice! stRbucks is my home away from home!!!


Manny…coffee is my vice! stRbucks is my home away from home!!!


The term MEAL PLAN is preferred. over diet!!!


Me, too. I am happy caffefine doesn’t seem to raise me because it is often the only energy boost I can get since D makes me tired! So if that is what it takes for me to feel awake and have energy than so be it. But too much makes me feel weird so I have to watch it. I can definately overdo it at the Starbucks. Why do we love that place so much? Yesterday I had an iced latte and I swear the first sip is like I am shooting energy into my veins - I go “Ahhhhhh”. I feel so much better after that first sip if I feel drained (which is most of the time since D).


Carmel fraps from mcdonalds are sooooo gooood