Coffee Drinkers, where are you?


What is D?


D= Diabetes

I get sick of typing out the whole thing


I was always told, and my lab continues to maintain, that coffee and tea are free beverages.

I drink a couple of cups in the morning each day during the week and on the weekends we’ll go through a couple of pots of coffee each day. I haven’t noticed any effect on my BGs. I mostly drink my coffee black. However, after dinner or if I feel like hitting Starbucks, I’ll get a filtered coffee with room for milk and a bit of Splenda. Seems to keep me on the straight and narrow. I’ve done a grande mocha that didn’t make any rise in glucose. There may have been a little IOB but not a whole lot.

I just heard on NPR that a couple of cups of coffee a day helps to prevent Alzheimer’s. It was NPR for heaven’s sake – it has to be true, right?!

If you watch what you put in the coffee, I think it’s pretty much a freebie.


there are several factors in this .One of the problems is that most studies do not note a difference between T1’s and T’2’s 2nd problem must studies do not use cooffe but use caffine caps. Caffine can also add to adrenal stiimulation and adrenal exhaustion which in turn can influnce BG levels.

Dr. James Lane of Duke University did an experiment with diabetics of both T1’s and T2’s . They were divded into 3 groups .All 3 groups had both type of diabetic . Group 1 was given high carb drinks and no caffine .Group 2 was given high carb drinks and 200mg of caffine a day . Group 3 ,the control group recieve neigther high carb drinks nor did they recieve caffine .

Each group was tested ever hour for BG level . Group 1 should no change in metabolizing the carbs. In Group 2 , T2’s sugar styed elavated for a longer period of time .T1’s Bg level didn’t change but the good new was during the testing T1’a had fewer amounts of hypoglycmia . Caffine seamed to raise T2s but stablize T1s.

The best thing is for everyone to check your BG yourself with and without caffine


I am a coffee-holic…and we don’t even own a coffee maker. But I do drink 3 - 5 cups a day…and more if I can get a flavored coffee “skinny” and no sugar. thankfully, the places I go are cheap and they know I don’t or won’t take sugar. When I go out with Gf’s we can go through 2 pots and that’s just the two of us. I haven’t noticed any real changes in Bs’ so I"ll keep it up, unless the prove to me that there is a real difference.


I am the exact same! Need a small bolus for coffee in the morning, but nothing in the afternoon. My endo said it’s something about hormones being different when you wake up.


I am the living exception to the evidence that coffee reduces the risk for diabetes as I constantly have a cup of coffee in my hand.

I am especially fond of the quote: "lab studies showed that caffeine may be “one of the most effective anti-diabetic compounds in coffee,”

Well I got it anyway. So at least for me, coffee only makes me a wide awake diabetic.


You get an A in Food Dogma, but a F in Metabolic Science and a D in Food Chemistry. Most of your pronouncements are highly debatable or outright inaccurate. On the other hand, you get an A in self-confidence and an A in righteous indignation.


I love coffee. I have a latte every morning, sometimes a cup of black coffee midmorning, and sometimes a latte or a cup of coffee in the afternoon.


Yes…and think of all the “wide awake” lab mice running around out there!!! All of them diabetes free of course!!!


Coffee is the drink of the gods!!! I live on coffee. I probably have between 2-3 pots a day. I now have to bolus for it, but it is still better than OJ. Regards,


I drink a medium ice coffee, just about every day, and yes I do have to bolus for it. The caffeine definitely spikes me.


Im in IT and work with a Japanese company. The pot is brewing 24/7. I dont drink anymore, quit smoking 6 months prior to the ophthalmologist telling me I had to, dont drink milk/dairy, but I tell you what… I will not give up my coffee. 4 cups a day easy, some days I shoot for that 100 cup goal where everything slows down. =^D


Retinapathy is a ■■■■■. Quit smoking 10 yrs ago. Never give up the coffee tho. My only vice…Rick


I usually have to bolus for it in the morning (probably more insulin resistant in the morning), but don’t usually have to bolus in the afternoon for it.


I’ve heard that coffee is one of those things that varies from person to person.


It most definitely does. Just as D varies from person to person. As thefamous saying goes YDMV.


FWIIW, most people see a boost in their sugar levels independent of coffee or any other food in the morning. The sugar is released from the liver and is part of the natural process of getting awake. That may be why you need a bolus in the morning and not in the afternoon. Also, I notice that my medications which I take in the morning kind of pile up in the afternoon about 2:00pm and I have to be alert to going low. At that time I am able to consume a modest amount of food without seeing a rise in my BG. Maybe this happens to others? Also, I wonder if people consider the food value of the milk or creamer they add to their coffee.


I found ice cap with artificial sweetener!!! Woo Hoo!!!


Im right there with ya!