Cold and Flu Season...what are your practices in trying to keep BG down?

I don’t usually get sick, so when I get a cold, it those me for a loop. This year, this cold is really kicking my butt! Not only have I had it for 5 days, it is spiking my BG levels over 300! I am having a really hard time getting them down.

What sort of things do you do to keep BG under control? Do you experience highs that seem uncontrollable?

I test every 2.5 hours & give the full correction dose + 50% higher than the normal for the points over 180 to squash resistance.
I raise my basals 50% for one day.
When the levels start to come down, I test every hour to prevent any hypos & I use glucose tabs for rapid action.
I drink fluids every hour. Crystal Light is my drink of choice. Soups, toast and SF jello are my foods of choice.
I recommend this only if you know your sensitivity level and your I:C and they were stable before the cold.

I figure if hypos kill brain cells, most germs don’t have that many cells so I will run my BG down to 30 or 40 to get rid of them. I sort of like to have a couple of stiff drinks on top of that as I figure it sort of creates an unpleasant environment for germs, viruses, etc. I don’t actually have any evidence that it works but I figure it’s better than nothing? I haven’t had that much trouble getting sick though. knocks on wood

Test often! Not eating and still have highs…call your Dr. Stay away from drinks like Gatorade. Everyone at work has had a cold also and it lingered for over a week. Each of them developed into a form of pnemonia. Watch out for it. Call your Dr.
Also follow the sick days protocol if you are on the pump.

Thanks. I’ve discovered that my insulin requirements has at least doubled. Also, drinking fluids and adjusting my diet have really helped. Thanks for your tips.

Thanks for the heads up. Luckily, my cold has stayed in the head and not in the chest. Wish me luck.

Thanks. I’ve found that I have to give correction boluses often. Thanks for the advice.