Cold and highs! studying and lows!


My son’s endo keep saying that catching a flu or other kind of “common” virus only makes his levels go up if he gets some fever.

Anyway, I noticed not once that usually when he catch a cold his levels rise a lot.
He is on “that” age, 10 (damn hormones!), he wake up almost everyday between 200 and 300 but then it goes to normal levels on the rest of the day.

This weakend he got a cold and he only get his levels drop to normal because I’m increasing one more unit of insulin for every meal, all this without any fever.

maybe it’s a coincidence …

Now let’s talk about lows, when we are studying for his exams it’s almost certain that he will get a hypo, most of the time a bad one, 40, 50 … guess what? His endo said once that studying doesn’t have much influence on lows!

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