Cold CGM supplies

I am a new user of CGM (Dexcom G6) and I wonder if anyone has had a problem if their sensors got too cold. I received a 3-month supply on New Year’s Eve when it was 10º in Colorado!!! The box felt like it came out of a freezer. They sensors are supposed to be stored between 36-86º. I called Dexcom and they said if the sensors were ruined that they will give an error message saying to replace them rather than bad readings. I am not due to start using them for 8 days and am hoping they are not all ruined.
Thanks for input and Happy New Year!!!

I have had the opposite problem. Living in South Florida the temps during the summer are low 90s. I had one sensor shipment that set in a warehouse for 4 days since Dexcom doesn’t pay for weekend delivery. I received the same story from Dexcom. The sensors worked OK

I have the same issue here and i also fear they wont be working. What should be done now?

Thanks in advance,

try one and see if it works! i see no reason to presume that they are bad. seriously. the proof is in the pudding–if they work as accurately as usually, they are OK. If not, for any reason, you call tech support.

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