Cold feeling from peripheral neuropathy "pain"...any other's out there

I was curious if there were any other odd ducks who perceive neuropathy nerve pain as cold? I don't have the typical "burning or pins and needles". Not sure why in my brain...I feel cold. And nope...I don't have Rhaynauds. When my nerves start acting up.....I can't get that my hand warm enough or my feet.

Yeah, sadly my feet are sometimes freezing cold, sometimes really hot and almost burn as if they are set on fire.

I've experienced it all, cold, burning, pins and needles, numbness, a feeling like my bones hurt, muscle aches.

I think it depends on my activity level and what types of activities I'm doing, as well as positioning, and what types of clothing and how lose or tight they are. Everything seems to have it's own unique effect on my neuropathy.

I did have Rhaynauds when I was in my early twenties. When I went to bed at night I would experience such ice cold feeling in my hands that it was like I was getting frost bite. It really hurt and all I could do was massage my hands and wait it out. That lasted about a year on and off.