Colonoscopy....any tips?

You’ve done it before, so you know what to expect.

I realized that on the no food day it was okay to have beverages that I otherwise avoid like regular apple juice and my favorite Korean sports drink, Pocari Sweat*. :slight_smile: I also had low carb options like coconut water and tea. In fact, that was a bit of info I gleaned from this thread because @Cinderfella mentioned using white grape juice on that day.

Good luck! This forum and others are great for sharing and getting info.

*Something that my Seoul-based endo nurse recommended to me when I lived in South Korea. I managed to get food poisoning of some sort, had taken insulin, but couldn’t keep food down.

Two days ago, yup. Theoretically your basal should be set to keep you at a steady BG when you’re not eating anything, so—theoretically—leaving it alone should be fine. Kind of an opportunity test if you’ve got it set right, actually. Mine seemed to be fine where it was throughout the whole ordeal. Got down to 70s at the lowest, but it was 109 during the procedure itself and in that 90-110 range for the day before, so yay me I guess.

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  • Upside of being T1 for most operative procedures is they schedule you 1st in the a.m. Normally that’s preferable, but with this one I’d actually prefer to have it in the late afternoon, because the last prep phase is 5hrs previous to the procedure, and if you’re going in at 9am that means you have to get up at 4a.m. to drink that crap. If I had it to do over, I’d say I’m fine with my BG and please schedule me late in the day.
  • As it happened I was up at 3am and did the last prep then. I don’t think the “when” is critical; the point is just to be clear before the procedure. Similarly they said you could take up to 2hrs to drink the crap but I don’t think you have to—it’s more of a “Don’t take longer”—so I chugged the whole mess in 15 minutes just to get it over with and hopefully have time for some snooze between, y’know, episodes.
  • My instructions recommended Gatorade but I can’t STAND the taste of that stuff, plus it has carbs and I don’t want to have to bolus while going through this because it’s just another layer of uncertainty; for me it’s simpler to just stick to basal. So I used ReaLemon and Splenda to make ersatz lemonade for my Miralax mix. Nothing can totally disguise that flavor but this made it tolerable enough for me. Lemon Juice isn’t perfectly clear but at 1:32oz it’s so dilute as not to matter. Didn’t worry about the electrolytes because hey, it’s only 8 hours or so before I’m back on solids again.
  • Brigham & Women’s Endoscopy has this cool thing where they send you timed text msg reminders of what you’re supposed to do at each step of the process. I was ok with just a PDF and some might find it annoying, but I actually thought it was really smart, and reassured me I was on track. Smart use of tech—I admire that.
  • I was 100% clear by the last movement before heading to the hospital, so I gladly threw away the Fleet enema unused.

Annoyed. :unamused:

I got through the colonoscopy prep and colonoscopy, but I got a follow-up call from my GI doc’s office today. It looks like they did do a biopsy of some sort after all, so the report they gave me isn’t accurate. Not sure why they were in such a rush to kick me out considering that wasn’t in my procedure report.

What was in my report was that I had internal hemorrhoids. I had no idea, but I have been spending quality reading and mobile game playing time while just sitting on the toilet for no reason. :blush: Don’t ask. It just became habit after awhile. Now I read that prolonged lounging on the toilet can cause hemorrhoids. I eat a good amount of fiber and exercise, soooooooo…yeah.

Now the only thing to do is wait for, hopefully, what will be normal results. I’m also going over and above to repopulate my gut with good bacteria. Lots of kimchi, kombucha, yogurt, in addition to my usual probiotic supplement. That colon prep couldn’t have been good for all those hard-working bacteria that keep infections away, which means it can affect me in ways I really don’t want.

@Regina I’ll keep good thoughts and prayers going your way all is well for you! I never thought about it, but you’re right, the prep can’t be all that good for the bacteria that keeps us healthy. Some things are, as they say, a necessary evil. I’ll surely keep that (up the probiotics prior to/after the prep) in mind the next time I need to do a prep!

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Thanks, @Tapestry. I’m actually starting to get annoyed the more I think about it because, again, why were they in such a rush?

I did get a report, but it wasn’t correct. :angry: Then the nurse that called didn’t have the best bedside manner either. If a patient says their procedure report was all clear and then you tell them that, no, actually they had a biopsy, maybe you want to let the person process that. :worried:

I’ve had a biopsy before for a lump in my breast, so I’ve been through it. It’s still never fun. And, yeah, regarding the good bacteria. A colon prep can’t be good for them at all.

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I had a couple of endoscopes and they always take a biopsy of the stomach. I think it pretty standard. Not sue about colonoscopy, but wonder if the biopsy is standard practice???

The last time I had a colonoscopy, I followed all preparation requirements to the letter. Unfortunately, I did not completely clear out my large intestine. Why? I had undiagnosed celiac disease. Without villi, the transit time becomes severely impaired. Luckily, my GI ordered a full celiac blood panel during my consult even though I was only suffering from anemia. I had an endoscopy as well which confirmed the celiac disease diagnosis.

Now I look forward to a double prep :slightly_frowning_face:, but maybe not. My small intestine has completely healed per my last repeated endoscopy.

Celiac disease and TD1 are strongly linked. Get screened if you suspect it or have any GI symptoms. Know that some celiacs are asymptomatic.

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And update: I got my results back yesterday. I’m all clear for another 10 years, but, wow, that was such a process. Worth it though for some peace of mind.

@Jim26 - From the sources I’ve read, they’ll definitely remove a polyp because those can become cancerous. If they take them, they also test them. In my case, the updated procedure report didn’t say it was a polyp, but it was something that looked different enough that the doc felt doing a biopsy was the right thing to do.

The point of going in is to take samples of anything that they see that doesn’t look normal.

My frustration isn’t the biopsy. It’s being told I was all clear, getting a procedure report that also give me an all clear, and then getting a follow-up phone call where the nurse didn’t tell me immediately that I’d had a biopsy. Post-op, in my case, was just sloppy.

However, the whole point of doing a colonoscopy is exactly that: having them go in, look around, and test if needed. Biopsies are standard if they find something that doesn’t look normal, and, rightly so, they seem to err on the side of testing whatever doesn’t look right. I just wasn’t told the day of the procedure that they’d done one. It’s a great medical center though, so I know I’m under the care of some of the best doctor’s around. I have to take the good with the bad, and if this the extent of the bad, I’m still very lucky.

@Cyclinglady - yeah. I’ve seen a lot of type 1s who also have celiac disease. I’m glad they were able to figure it out for you. Thanks for warning people to be aware of it too.

Glad everything worked out for you!!

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My wife worked in a surgical clinic for many years… my impression, although not the most informed, is that they generally prior authorize the procedures to include the biopsy and then just do it no matter what just so that they can bill for the authoried amount—- that’s not to imply that sometimes the biopsy isn’t frequently very important— it certainly can be

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On prep day, the only good part is that I can completely remove my pump once the liquid plumber starts to work. I drink maybe 5 bottle of apple juice that day. My worst BG problems are during the night before the procedure, when I must be NPO (nothing by mouth). I always require my GI doc to make me the first case of the day, and I give the anesthesiologist a BG control briefing - AND make sure he/she wrotes it down.

Ditto from me. I had a ‘scope at the end of Feb ‘19 to remove a polyp that was found only incidentally on an MRI done for totally unrelated reasons. It just happened to be there on some of the frames. The result was a huge precancerous polyp that could only be partially removed this time, due to the risk of major bleeding (I’m on Eliquis). Follow-up colonoscopy to get the rest of the polyp scheduled for July 3, once I complete other procedures.

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I’m glad they saw it and are working on removing it.

Colonoscopies aren’t fun, but I’m 51 and am adopted. It’s just not smart for me to fly blind hoping a stool test will give me the cover I need.

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This is very much true, I have had four polyps removed during colonoscopies, 2 during each procedure I have undergone with pathology done on each, all were clear of cancer. Once you are found to have polyps they bump up the repeat time to 5 years.

Oh the Joy of it all.


I’m still on the 10 year plan, I think.

Hold on, let me check that…BRB. It was normal. I’m good for another 10 years. Although what I discovered is UCSF’s after visit summaries are the worst when it comes to organization and finding info quickly.

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I do not leave a tip for this service.


Yes. I did it about 5-6 years ago. The prep was horrific. I don’t remember what I did for insulin, I think I reduced basal. I went low once and took a glucose tab. I was out for the procedure with propofol so that was easy.

Next time I would start eating soft food and then liquids only 48 hrs before to make the prep easier. I will empty myself out in advance so I’m not up all night and going right before the procedure.

Good luck! Well see now this was last year😹 hope it went well!

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It happened in January, so it all went well. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Great, glad it went well😊

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