Color of the Day

Well, gang, the diagnosis is official. The wrist IS broken. I got a cast put on today and guess what color? … PUUUUUUURRRRRRRPPPPPPLLLLLEE!!

We also decided that I was going to have surgery on the right hand in a few weeks (supposedly after the left has a chance to heal) and then do the left hand a few weeks after that. It’s not carpal tunnel, it’s for the trigger finger.

I did ask the hand specialist about the connection between diabetes and hand problems. It is a common fact that there are strong links between the D and hand problems. Micro something or other, blah, blah, blah! Just that we are prone to these problems because of the D!! DARN!!


P.S. I tried to do a mailing to all my friends but you are limietd to 100 names at once. I didn’t know how to divide the list in half. Does anyone know how to do this?

Kind of grape shade. Any purple is fine with me!

You know, when my son was little about the only thing he’d watch was Barney… purple… and that damn song… MAKE IT STOP!!!

Thank God I don’t know the song!!!


OK, great! Now I’ll have that in my head just like Scott!


oh, that was just mean… lol

I kept my daughters “Barney” stuffed toy thing…Should I send it to Scott or Lois?


The cast is purple or the wrist is purple? If the wrist; just think what wonderful colors it will change to before it gets back to “normal”. I didn’t know you had royal blood. I now pronounce you queen Lois.


I know about the trigger finger and the carpal tunnel surgeries. I have had numerous surgeries also. It’s the pits … especially if it affects the “tooshie wiping hand.”

How did your by-pass surgery go? As you feeling good? Are you still losing weight?

Gotta go!



You’re getting into the dangerous habit Renee started … picking on me! Well, how that I am QUEEN, I can punish you just like that!!

Queen … hmmmmmmm, I like that!!!



Yeah, I know. Isn’t it unbelievable. I can provide witnesses if you so wish! I know nobody believes everything…even I don’t!! lol

Thanks for the hugs. I’m working on a real serious hug deficit here.



I forgot … the CAST is purple. You can’t even tell the wrist is hurt other than the swelling, but it was swollen before I broke it. Actually, do you want to hear something funny? … Thye wrist feels better than before I broke it! No kidding … unless you push on the spot that’s affected.


Lois…Lois…I am still on my way to help you…hitch-hiking isnt as easy as I thought!

I hope your wrist gets better…next time stay away from those new style “skinny straight-leg jeans” they are murder to get off…I had to use scissors!! ha…love ya


Why oh why didn’t you fly? If you were afraid of my driving (thanks to Renee!) then you could have flown to Milwaukee and then walked from the airport. I am on the southwest side of the city and the airport is on the southeast. Could have saved you quite a few steps!


You need purple sweats to go with your purple cast. I know about sweats from a long time ago when I broke my tibia and fibula. Easier to manage getting dressed. Nice to hear your wrist pain appears managable. Can I kiss it and make it all better? (or would you conk me on the head with it during the process). I just hope your skin under the cast doesn’t get too itchy.


You naughty boy! My mommy used to kiss our boo boos but she stopped when my brother got a sliver in his butt!!! It’s not itchy right now, just sweaty!! Can wait til the really warn weather!!

I’d love to have purple sweats but sweats are not that popular now let alone purple let alone in the big women’s sizes. Siiiiiiiigggggghhhhhh!


Sorry, I didn’t know you were afraid of the fashion police. Purple is available - I checked; even in my size. A long time ago I decided comfort outweighed fashion. I will draw the line at not wearing stripes with plaids

I refuse to have any more to do with purple. It’s the colour of the duo-tangs given out to my students for the subject I teach…and at the point we’re at in the school year…we’re ALL ready for a break (if I don’t wring a few necks first). Getting them to hand in assignment in late May, is like asking them to donate a kidney. Oh, the famous words, " What? That was due TODAY?"

I remember a few years back; my son drew for the front window a sign such as the ones you see for “no smoking”…a cigarette inside a red circle, with a red diagonal bar going through it. Except, instead of a cigarette, he drew a “Barney”. Kermy was allowed unlimited access to our house also…and Elmo, of course!!!