Combo Boluses - ::::Smacking of Head:::::

So I’ve been periodically trying combo boluses to try and deal with certain meals both when I was on MDI and since I’ve been on the pump, with little success. Then tonight it suddenly hit me I was going about it wrong. I was taking the same amount of insulin I took all at once for the particular meal and just spreading it out. But (here comes the head smacking part!) that doesn’t make sense, because if I split it 70/30 and took the same number of units I took all at once before, then I’d go high during the first two hours! So I need more total insulin. I normally would take 2.55 for this meal which kept me in target but made me too high later, so I took 3.00 and split it 70/30 and I was in range both 2 hours after and so far haven’t seen any belated rise. Is this similar to how you guys do it?

That’s pretty much what I do with MDI. Don’t smack yourself because trial & error is the only way to learn what works best for you.

Actually I spoke too soon. I still went high at the 5 hr mark, before bed. So my next question is what duration do people use?