Comfort infusion set (manual insertion) disconnecting

Has anyone else experienced their tubing disconnecting from the “pitch fork”… This has happened to me four times (while sleeping all cases)in two months. I have called animas but other than wanting to see them they haven’t said much. I’m scared to death of this happening again. Just wondering if others have experienced this.

Are you talking about a failure of the “pitchfork” to connect and stay seated? Or is the tube that feeds the pitchfork disconnecting from the pitchfork?

I haven’t had either happen but another member here posted with pictures about the failure of an infusion set that separated and leaked, driving his blood sugar high. You may want to do a search using “infusion set failure” as the search term.

Good luck with your troubleshooting.

The tube that feeds the pitchfork is disconnecting at the base of the pitchfork. Woke up to a 412 and thought I was going to puke. Not sure I can handle another night of that!first time I thought it was maybe me but the second time I called animas. The third I was annoyed and last night I am just pain pissed! I’m scared to continue using them! Just a good reminder to dust off my cgm :wink:

Yuck! Stay hydrated. It helps to dilute the sticky blood.

Perhaps it would help to try another box or lot number if you have one. If not, maybe your doctor’s office could give you a few until you resupply.

I would use a syringe to correct at this point.

Good luck with pulling this one back into range. Life is hard enough for us without dealing with faulty equipment. If it were me, once you regain control, I would take pictures and log a complaint with the FDA.