Coming to my Type 1's for Support

I apologize for bringing non diabetes conversation here, but when I was trying to figure out where I can get support this was the first place I thought of.

As many of you know, I have been alienated from my children for nearly 10 years but maintained a very close and deep relationship with them. However, 7 weeks ago this Friday their mother went to court and said that I was pressuring them and lawyered her way into getting me only supervised visitation. I have had unlimited joint custody for 10 years! Long story a little bit shorter, she will only agree to a professional supervisor at my cost (unfeasible after lawyers, diabetes, child support, life, etc.) and since I live out of state, we kept in contact through daily phone calls and text messaging now severed. In fact, I couldn't even call her on her 17th birthday this week and I haven't heard anything from my younger daughter.

Anyway, I am trying to make a difference in this nightmare that is family court and help parents like me who are stripped of their rights and children who are growing up without a parent for absolutely no reason. How could any politician say that it is ok for a felon to be alone with his children but I can not even text mine?

Please help me get a big enough footprint to get the attention or the press and media! Just go "Like" my page, make comments, add tweets, comment on blogs, share, anything and everything will help. We all know that wishing for a fix or cure isn't enough, IT TAKES ACTION BY EVERYONE.

I am SO grateful for anything you can do to help, and even for just reading this!

Heartbreaking, gut wrenching situation. Doesn't help in your battle, but I feel for you. My parents divorced when my sister & were very young. Like most divorces where children are involved, it was ugly. My mother has my utmost respect & love. Despite my father's insane & unethical behavior, my mom never said a word against him to us. She knew that when we were old enough to decide for ourselves, we'd understand.

I'm very sorry but I know how important a father is in the life of a child. Will go there right now and vote "like" for u.

Thank you both for the comments and the support. Diabetes has been tough enough but now waking ever day knowing I can't check on my girls is tearing me down to nothing. Please do what you can to get anyone to share this because I am making a move to the media when I can show the support. Thanks again!

Glad to add what I wrote above on, if you think that's appropriate. I'm not on Facebook, sorry.

Can't even imagine how devastated you feel.

Every comment and mention helps every parent who's suffering find some hope. The more comments and exposure I get the more I can push forward. Thank you so much for the kind words!

know that they love you, and know how hard you are fighting to get things back to normal.

my older daughter and i were separated in much the same she is older, and we are so darned close. she remembers everything. its hard getting through all those years, but there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

i will do whatever i can to support you...but the biggest thing i have to offer is the hope of my own experience.

they know whats going on....even if its easier (and safer) for them to treat you like the villain right now. they are paying attention....and remembering all of this.

i rarely log onto tuD....i liked the fb page....please keep me in the look and ask for whatever you need.