Coming to terms

Here is the thing... i think I'm being a chicken ■■■■

I was (sort of still am) very excited about going on the pump. I received in on the mail, got my pre-training form the Animas rep and now I have been waiting for a month to "get hooked" by my medical team.

Is not that I don't want to, I am actually looking forward to it, but I feel like this is my time to be BAD, have a break before the storm, not test often enough or care that my sugars are back up... I've fallen off the wagon, on purpose, more like I threw myself out of it :/

The pump is sitting on a shelf, staring at me, waiting to be attached. My husband says I should be wearing it around just to get used to it, it makes sense, i did it for a day, i hoped I would be excited enough to wear it with the saline the rep supplied me with BUT I've come up with a million excuses why not, mainly that i don't want to be doing that while i'm also on MDI, that I want to enjoy the last of my freeeeeedooom, taht i play volleyball and it would be a hassle on the beach while the real reason all along is that I'm being a chicken ■■■■.

Should I be wearing it or should I wait til the day we get "married"?

I never saw that much point in wearing it without it being "live" or in the "saline trials", particularly for adults? If you have one and understand the concept ok and know which buttons to push the real trial is when the rubber hits the road and you start pumping.

I'd enjoy not having it. I hope that about 2 hours after you get it you don't notice the pump because you can tell how nicely it works like I did!

I love it I’ve been on it for about a month and I barely notice it, only time when I’m going to the bathroom and practically rip it out lol but I felt the same way before going on it…not testing no shot thing but now that I’m on it my numbers are so much better! I’ve only had 2 lows this entire month…the only thing that sucks is you do tend to test your blood more often…I do about 8 to 10 times vs. before when I only did it 4 to 6 times…I’d wait till your hooked up to wear it…oh and plus side no more shots and putting it in every 3 days…it doesn’t even hurt cuz it fired in so fast! Love it!!! Good luck :slight_smile:

I agree with acid rock… Hey nothing wrong with enjoying your freedom. I think it’s common as diabetics to fall off the wagon periodically. When you get “married” to the pump you will realize that it’s actually a positive. It’s natural to fear the unknown.

Thanks for the comments, I'm going to look at it like when I actually got married... last chance of being bad before being real good! ;)

Acidrock i bought myself a spibelt for running, any other gadgets you recommend for sports? I want to be able to play volley with it but i'm afraid i'll have to unhook because I dive a lot on the sand.

Shayla what length tubing are u using? Any advice for the first week? Do you miss long acting? how did they wean you out of it? And ouch how are your fingers doing? I'm only testing 5-6 times a day (but lately just 3-4 before meals)

i've been Type 1 for about 40 years. Known about pumps for the last 20. Just started this year. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! I should have gone to a pump a long time ago. I've never felt better. It is more work, but the difference is amazing. It takes a couple days to get used to no more shots, and you'll really enjoy that too. Overall, I've been a good Type 1. Did have a "wagon incident" while I was in college. I'm sure the minor diabetes related issues I'm having now are due mostly to that couple months of stupidity... But I've never really been in this good of control, no matter how I've tried. I have had very low A1C tests before, but those were due to issues that were not good either. Now, I'm around a 6 A1C, where before on MDI I was hovering around 8.

Start your PUMP ASAP. You won't reget it one bit. Yes, it will be different. You still have the work to do as a diabetic, that will never go away. But keeping in control will be easier and more satisfying.

Re sports gadgets. I like my Garmin 405 a lot. It keeps track of more stuff than I can process but speed/ pace/ distance/ time are all handy to have and I like GPS maps that have both oceans and all my other runs for review, stats, etc. Re the pump, what I do most of the time is clip it to a belt loop and then "belay" the tube around the loose end of the belt which I then tuck in to the other belt loop and it keeps it tidy and close. I'm not sure about the sand as we haven't been to the beach all that much since I've had it but I played football once and just wore it?

I have the shortest tubing they got…I think I like it the best less to tuck in your pants but you can get longer length…seriously in like 2 weeks your gonna forget its there I’d have it unhooked and go to get up and it would be dangling from me lol weird feeling but its pretty strong hasn’t ripped out yet.anyways its gonna be overwhelming at first but it does get better promise! I’ve been thinking about getting a spibelt but not sure if mine would fit in a regular one or the diabetic one…which one do you have? As for my fingers they aren’t liking pretty I’ve been trying to alternate between different sides of my fingers

Hey Shayla, mine is a regular belt and the ping fits snugly in it. The material is very stretchy.

I think my mm revel is a little bit bigger then a ping...but not certain...i've heard that the diabetic spibelt is a little bigger then the regular thats the one I will probably go with when I get one..though they don't have pretty colors like the regular ones.