Commercial thinking?!

Today I’ve decided which pump I’m going to use…

I had an appointment with my diabetesnurse and was armed with my paper full of questions (even after reading a lot on this website!!!).
I’ll keep away from details, felt like a child in a toy store this afternoon…
Don’t you all just hate the commercial thinking behind this whole diabetesthing?

I don’t.

For one reason:
The fact that there’s competition on the, by us all favored diabetes market, it makes it for our suppliers necessary to come up with new and better things than before and the other companies.
Outcome: a device called Omnipod… Man I was in doubt!!!
The funny thing is that after I made up my mind I’ve been thinking on what grounds my decision was based.
Basically it came down to the impression the Medtronic company made to me in reacting fast when I asked them questions and kept up simple language in their brochure.
For example: here in Europe omnipod emails back that I can check a commercial youtube link on their website… Tough luck for them but my attention to their device was gone.

After all I can say that I’m happy with my choice for now.
It’s going to be the medtronic VEO!
D-day will be march 21st 2011!!!

Can’t wait!!!

nice good for you, hope it all works out.I have the one touch ping works great when (I) remember to use it…

Good for you Man! Congrats on making a decision and getting the process going. I just went through that and went with the Animas Ping. Unfortunately I won’t be getting mine until the summer, due to the backlog on getting the training for it.

Good luck to you, regardless of your choice i’m sure you’ll be pleased with the added control being on the pump offers you!

Congrats! Maybe you should call it P-day :slight_smile:

Appie , you and I will have the same pump …too cool !!
Will you get the CGMS as well ; a MM buddy of mine , who I FB’ed , that I will get my upgrade soon ( from the 522 model ) suggested " the sensor part has a lot of options, lots of alarms so take it slow" .