Community project to create healthy communities within and beyond the workplace

International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is asking for your ideas and inspiration for a new project it is running in collaboration with OpenIDEO and Bupa, concerning how we all can create healthier workplaces for the benefit of millions of people with diabetes and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Drawing from your real life experiences and other inspiration, IIDF invites you to visit the OpenIDEO platform to answer the following question: ‘How might we create healthy communities within and beyond the workplace?’.

Along with OpenIDEO and Bupa, IDF is exploring ways to use the workplace not just to improve the health of employees, but also their friends, family and the greater community too. They are interested in creating solutions that enable people to make healthier choices at work and in life. From raising awareness, inspiring behavior change or leveraging co-worker and community relationships to catalyze broader health and wellness impacts, they are eager to explore solutions together.

How does the OpenIDEO challenge work and how can I make my voice heard?

After a challenge is posted at, the three development phases – inspiration, concepting, and evaluation – are put into motion.

Community members can contribute in a variety of different ways, from inspirational observations and photos, sketches of ideas, to business models and snippets of code. Sometimes this can be in the form of a comment; other times, it’s building off a previous person’s work.

The winning concepts will be announced on 7 February 2013 but until then you can engage in the discussion around the best propositions by applauding and commenting on the best ideas. Keep in mind that the challenge deadline for you to submit your inspiring ideas is 10 December 2012.

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