Complete frustration

I have had diabetes for many years and have felt like i always did my best to control it. After 28 years of dealing with it i thought i would be able to handle what ever came at me. I started to have hypoglycemia unawareness in June of this year. I was driving home from work and i remember getting on the freeway the rest i have no clue. I guess on the freeway i got involved in a fender bender and kept on driving. I ended up with 6 cops cars chasing me down the road. I ended up near a school which had a circular drive which i drove in a circle for ten minutes or so according to witness. I eventually pulled over. They threw me down on the ground and then handcuffed me. The first thing i actually remember is getting into the ambulance. They had found my insulin and figured out i was a diabetic. They tested my blood sugar it was 51. I remember they asked me my name i did not know it asked me what time of day and i did not know. I did know that i was in Austin Texas but that was it. I remember the cops yelling at me that i should know who i am. The cops once i was coming back to wanted me to do a field sobriety test but my roommate arrived and threatened to call my attorney if they were. They then wanted to charge me with hit and run even though they knew i was a diabetic. My roommate really went to bat for me and got them to drop all charges.

Things have continued to get worse i have had three EMS visits since July. One of the visits i was watching my friend 18 month old daughter and i had passed out on the bathroom floor. A friend found me and had no idea how long i had been there. I ended up with a concussion from my fall. I have been living in such a state of fear because i test my blood sugar so many times but i know i don’t catch them all. I am very tired from all the doctors visits. blood work, and not having a solution. I have tried so many things to get my blood sugars to stay above 100 in the hopes that i might regain some feeling again but so far that has not happened. My blood sugar will be over a hundred and drop dramatically to around 40 or 50. I have tried eating different foods to maintain blood sugar but that has not really made much difference. I don’t like to stay by myself in fear of what might happen. I feel like i have lost most of my freedom. I was put on an insulin pump in August but that has not helped much. It actually seems to have increased my low blood sugars at times. I have tried like so many people to get approved for the CGMS. I have been denied three times but im determined to keep fighting. I believe that could possibly give me back some of my freedoms. I have been doing so much research in hopes for finding something to help me with my issues. I did find some hope that a service dog might help me with my issues of hypoglycemia unawareness. I have just applied and hoping to hear back soon.

Hey Tarra! Sorry you are having so much trouble. I can’t believe these screwball insurance companies. My Blue Cross did approve my Dexcom but since they are an out of network provider I had to pay the “out of network deductible” which was $500.00, most of the cost of the continuous meter. I have to pay $95.00 everytime I order a pack of 4 sensors. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to approach my senator about some of these games the insurance companies are playing. Would they pay for the dog? It is so crazy that they won’t pay for this device as it could eliminate ER visits, it may save your life and the lives of others if you are still driving. I hope you will put this entry into the Denial category on this site. Consider sending this blog to your senator too. You may have to explain what CGMS is.
That’s it! I’m starting my letter to Senator Baucus. I’ve put this off way too long.
I had fewer severe lows after starting with my pump. Sometimes my husband couldn’t wake me up. You may need adjustments to your basal rate or insulin to carb ratio. Do you have a good diabetes trainer? You are in my thoughts.
Take care, Dena

Tarra, I am so sorry you’re struggling with unawareness. How awful! I agree with Dena. You need to take stronger actions to fight for a CGMS. I have heard so many stories where it saved people while driving. If not a CGMS, google “diabetes alert dogs.” They are trained to sense hypos in people with unawareness and you will gain all the rights of anyone who owns a service dog as far as where the dog may accompany you. We have some members here (join that group in our Groups section) who are alive today because of their alert dogs.

Where is your endocrinologist throughout all these awful situations? What efforts is he or she making toward getting you the CGMS?

Here is the link for our alert dog group.

Thanks everyone for the support. I have been seeing my diabetic trainer through out all these situations and the endocrinologist. My issue is that know one even has a clue about how to adjust my pump basal rates at this point. They have changed it several times with no help in fact i am having more lows. When i was on injections they were not able to find the right dosages either when this all started. I have been testing sometimes up to 15 times in a day just to make sure im okay. The normal weight with my endocrinologist for a pump is six months but i pushed them to give it to me now. Which they did but i am actually having just as many lows as before. I have been denied three times for the CGMS but i am still fighting and have no plans of giving up. I am hoping if i fight hard enough i will not only help myself but others who are having issues like mine. I am really hoping and praying i can get a service dog or CGMS because i think that is the only answer at this point for my issue. My battle to fight this has also caused issues with work wanting me to take FMLA after one insulin reaction at work. It is sad how much time and energy i spend at work and this is the way they treat me. Thanks for all the support and advice.

Wow Tarra, I totally understand. I have had my own issues with hypoglycemia unawareness for the last year. I feel a little bit now but nothing like I use to, just a feeling like check your bg. But that isn’t enough. I wish you all the best in your fight for the CGMS! And hopefully it all works out for you personally and at work.

Tarra - you have been on my mind today, ever since I read your blog entry this morning. I’m so sorry you’re unable to get answers - it’s a terrible feeling to have! I know what it’s like to be living with this disease for many years, and not to have too many problems, and then - wham! - it seems to pull the rug out from under you, kick you in the face, and then hold you down on the floor and kick you some more. I find that frequent testing is reassuring. I average at least 10 a day, and now I get anxious if I have not tested for 2 hours. I also write everything down - bg, carbs, bolus, mood, stresses, exercise. I’m sure you’re doing that too. You sound like a fighter to me, and keep up the fight! We are rooting for you!! Keep us informed on your progress!

Hi honey, like everyone else said, my heart goes out to you! I know that I have gained a lot of control from Dr. Bernstein’s Diet. It’s strict (veeery strict), but it got me normal and kept me normal. It’s really been amazing. I even lost 12 pounds (which wasn’t my goal but seems to have helped my bg levels even more). Once I got to 100 and stayed there for a few days (which meant the strict diet, small meals, and eating every couple waking hours), my awareness improved a LOT. Now I feel sick at 150 and puny at 80. It’s been good for me, so I wanted to recommend it to you! Hang in there, honey!

I’m in Austin, too, by the way! Are you at UT?