Compulsory Diabetes

For Anyone who is wondering just where the diabetes epidemic is coming from, here is a Clue.

Atypical medication, administered to people with experience of psychosis, carries a concomitant propensity to develop Diabetes. The fact that there is no option open to this group of patients NOT to take this medication is driving up the alarmingly high recent incidence of diabetes. This is aggravated by the lack of options, alternatives, or even adequate information regarding these untoward side-effects of atypical medications.

The only Nod in the direction of acceptance that there is a problem, contained in the recent review of the treatment of schizophrenia, for instance - from the UK National Institute of Clinical Excellence (?!) - How NICE! - is to consider removing the atypicals as the medication of first choice in the treatment of psychosis. NICE then hides behind a cop-out clause by recommending that the Patient opts for whichever medication they would have preference for, leaving the whole Clinical Profession off the hook when it comes to administering noxious poisons whose consequences are more Dire than than the conditions they purport to treat!

So Why Compulsory? Well the new Mental Health Act requires these same patients to Comply with the self-administration of these meds, on Pain of Sectioning under the Mental Health Act for non-compliance - which effectively places us in detention without trial until such time as we accept our lot - which, as I have delineated is to accept a chain of mis-directed treatment culminating in diabetes!

Given that we are all flailing in the dark regarding whatever Other unwanted long-term consequences of the atypicals are lurking and waiting to pounce, I would recommend that this House of Cards is given one more shove so the whole Disgraceful Edifice of Caring for people in this predicament collapses in an inglorious heap and someone starts again from scratch, to find an appropriate treatment for the conditions of Psychosis in general, and Schizophrenia in Particular.

Are you trying to say that all type II diabetics are crazy? Probably not. In America the sedentary lifestyle of children and adults is contributing to the massive epidemic of Type II. People need to be moving and NOT eating such high carb and high fat foods. Type II is a curable form of diabetes and should be cured by the patients hard work and exercise and proper eating choices.

Sadly I am a type I and cannot really cure myself. I still find it a bit offensive that someone would think that ANY diabetic I or II is crazy in any way. Please do not perpetuate that myth.

I apologise for the mis-conception here.

Two points were being made. One is that the sheer numbers of people with mental health needs - 1 in 4, and with schizophrenia, 1 in 100, points to a surge in diabetes once you discover that the medications being compulsorily foisted upon these people are Causing diabetes further down the line. HENCE a diabetes epidemic!

The other point is that, Obliquely, Mental Health needs to get its house in order if the diabetes epidemic is to be tackled! Things will go from bad to worse if not, with resources stretched to treat all the incumbents driving the epidemic.

In conclusion, a game of ‘cover up’ is being played, which is utterly deplorable when we realize what is at stake for all concerned. Besides, who says that the people with schizophrenia are the crazy ones? !