Concealing your site

I am wondering if anyone has tried concealing their site? I feel like it wouldn't be so noticable in a bathing suit if it was skin colour. Does anyone have a trick for making it look more natural?

I've never concealed my site while swimming. Personally I'm kind of proud of it because it shows I'm active despite my disease. I'm also always hoping another pumper/Type 1 will notice and approach me!

one word: tankini :)

seriously though... my infusion sets only come in one color (clear) and the tape I use is also clear, so it's going to look like what it's going to look like. Sometimes I'll put the site way low so my swimsuit bottoms conceal it, and then it's just a matter of trying to keep the tube tucked in. I had a waterproof case/box for my pump that, after 10 years, finally started leaking so I have to replace that... but that was bulky, no hiding that, BUT I didn't have to disconnect to swim. Usually pulled the tankini top down over that.

This is not my experience, my daughter is type 1 and has only 3 years so nothing to hide just now.

I think sometimes to hide something you have to put it just under one's eye.
If you have an athletic body you could go for bright-colored strips of tape (link)

Otherwise, a bathing suite like this could help

OK, it requires a certain kind of body ....

You need not be ashamed. Infusion sites are hott! ;)

LOL I'll take the tankini ;) If I wore this suit, I can guarantee no one would notice my site, but not for the right reasons ;)

I'm with Jen, I'm always hoping someone would notice my pump and flash theirs. Hasn't happened yet.

Kinda difficult to hide an Omnipod without making it look like a really bad bruise. I've had one nurse and one other diabetic actually recognize it as a pump.

Since it's most visible at the gym, most people who ask about it think it's one of those electronic muscle stimulators.

No, seriously!

I had a girl recognize the pump in an elevator one time. I was at work, and had it attached to my hip, and she said she would flash hers if it wasn't hooked to her bra!

I should explain that I'm never embarrassed about my pump, and usually don't make any attempts to conceal it, but we're taking a trip to Jamaica in March to get married, and I would love to buy a cute bikini for the beach!

I wasn't worried about the pump (omnipod) showing. But I tape up my cgm pretty good and the tape always looks ugly. That one I "hid" more. Not because I didn't want anyone to see the cgm, but because it looks really bad with that rag-tag tape holding it on. I used my stomach for the cgm over the summer and wore a tankini over top.

With the pod, I was concerned with weird tan lines :) I usually wore it on my butt, right where the top of my jeans pocket hits. Should be hidden by any swim suit allowed at the community pool :)

I've found that people generally don't even notice my site. They are so small now. Also, you can strategically put your site somewhere that will be covered (i.e., on your butt).