Concern for Hemoglobin levels

As i have been diagnosed with type 1 from quiet a time. After so many efforts my average blood sugar levels were not coming down. So i changed my diet and started Paleo Lifestyle. Which is eating meats, fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables. So i m getting excellent results. But the recent concern which i got is my hemoglobin levels. Recently after my blood count, the results which is got is 173 g/l and the maximum range is 175 g/l. So I got 2 questions here:
1.How can i reduce my Hemoglobin levels?
2.Can i donate blood?

One more thing, i eat chicken(White meat only), no red meat, fruits, veges and nuts.

Before i started paleo it was around 75 mmol/mol. And recently it came out to be 56 mmol/mol. So my Sugar results are very good.

I have high hemoglobin and hematocrit. I believe it is at least partly due to my diet. Nutrition plays a role in this and deficiencies in iron, B-12 or folate can can lead to low levels of hemoglobin and anemia. If you have made a major change in diet, eating more meat and seafood you may have corrected a major dietary deficiency and that would explain the change.

One thing of note that you should be aware of is that very high and low levels of hemoglobin and hematocrit reflecting polycythemia and anemia can affect both blood sugar meters and the A1c.

You can donate blood if your BGs are in control and yours are good I think. I wonder if you exercise. Walking after eating and an exercise program always helps my A1C.

A high hemoglobin count can occur in response to conditions where blood oxygen levels are depressed. So, if you don't have an obvious condition that causes chronic low blood oxygen levels like COPD or some cardio or cardiorespiratory condition, it's probably nothing to worry about.

Do you live at high altitude? Living at high altitude can also cause an increase in hemoglobin levels.

i m in auckland, dont feel any oxygen problem here.