Confession Jury Duty

Woohoo, note in mail today, I am officially excused from jury duty. I bet the anxiety disorder won over the Type 1.

That’s good news!!

That’s great, excellent news for you and good news and hope for the rest of us.

I am guilty and have gotten out of it several times and I don’t feel guilty about it! There is no way they would let me test as much as I do. Once I got a summons for both federal & county jury duty within the same month - Igot out of both of them.

My aunt was on a jury once and they had to stay late - she did not have her insulin with her & they sent a sheriff to her house to pick it up.

…or you could just wear a “hang 'em high” t-shirt to the jury selection. That might also work.


funny, made me laugh

Don’t ever feel bad about using your diabetes as an excuse in a valid situation. Would it have caused a completely unnessisary upset in your blood sugar, that could be avoided by not going? YES. You have nothing to feel guilty about. I am in college and found out in my second year that I qualify for a disability grant of $2000 per year (because I have a chronic life long condition), at first I refused to apply for it on principal (I did not consider myself disabled!) but then I realized that as diabetics we have to do so much work just to keep ourselves alive and healthy, why not benefit from a few perks now and then?

I got one on me and Jury duty. Here goes. I got the summons to show up for it. OK take my 2 kids to school (at the time now their grown and doing their own thing) Anyway I walk in trying not to show how stressed I am right? I proceed to go into a seizer in front of the judge and the other’s who had been summed. I ask the jugde to please excuse me b/c of lots of trouble I had w/ my diabetes then and he told me to go sit down. Well he got his. I proceed to seize and they have to call 911 I go to the hospital get underer some type of control. Come home and call the number they had given us to call in. The person who answers says " Are you the one that went to the ER today?" And I say “Yes” She tells me that the judge dosen’t want me to come back. I was ok with that. LOL!

If you know that you wouldn’t be able to focus properly at trial, then you are doing the right thing. Serving on a jury when you wouldn’t be able to give the case your full attention is actually a disservice rather than a service.