Confession Time

OK friends, it’s confession time. Here’s the setting . . .

Last weekend

On Vacation

Lunch time

Sitting in a restaurant

So the funny thing about this picture, is that I asked the woman at the next table if she knew where the waitress had gone. When she looked away and pointed towards her, I snatched her sunglasses, and a min. later we snapped this pic. It was hard not to laugh, and you can see a slight grin on my face. Afterwards, I asked her if she could grab the tartar sauce for me off of the table next to her, and pointed in it's direction. When she turned to look for it, I put her glasses back.

Two funny things about that. (1) We were in a Mexican Food restaurant, and (2) her husband saw the whole thing. He thought it was totally funny, but never let on to her what we were up to, at least not while they were in the restaurant.

Today's lesson?

1-you gotta have fun when you can

2-boys never do grow up on vacation . . . ok, EVER lol

3-don't ever turn your back on me in a Mexican restaurant...

Remember, sometimes in life, it's all about the Random.

And all about the fun.

So have fun! And watch out if I ever ask you to pass the tartar sauce . . .

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