Conflicting reports

I go to the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, MA. I guess they are supposed to be really good but everytime I go I am more confused about diabetes than I was in the first place. You see, my endo will tell me one thing, the exercise physiologist will tell me something completely different, and the CDE will then tell me something completely different again. I go in there thinking I am controlling my diabetes well but leave more confused than ever. Has anyone else had this same experience with conflicting information from different providers>

Ask for a team meeting, so you are all on the same page. Explain to all of them that what they tell you or modify has an effect on what the others are telling you to do. It feels like it is in conflict and you need changes and modifications to come from one person not three. I tend to lean towards the CDE if they have a medical degree behind them. They work on the “front” every day. THe key is that they all need to be giving similar suggestions…if it is in conflict then tell the “new person’s with New instructions” it is in conflict with the Endo or whoever, and ask that they coordinate the change with the Endo and when you all agree, the change will be made. Tell them you want the right hand to know what the left hand is doing… Hope this helps. Write down your questions, take the quetions and a pen with you to your next visit… write down the answeres… above all ASK "How will this change what I am being told by DR______and _____?? In today’s medical arena, you have to advocate for yourself. READ READ READ too.