Confuse/Please help- I need your opinion

It's my 5th day without medicines, my first 2 days reading (Fasting) was ok, 126, 110 then 144, 130 & 131. is it too high? do I need to take medicines again? I am confuse... I don't wanna take medicines again (if not really necessary)... medicines cost a lot!

Since I got diabetes, I think about it all the time, My mind sets on my diabetes 24/7... and it's not good... I worry about it, I can't function well, I cry almost everyday,,, Since poverty is one of my problem...I cannot even see a doctor if I wanted to, because it's expensive, I don't have dietitian and endo, the doctor that I've been seeing is a pedia (the family doctor of my husband since they were kids, also a type 2 diabetic), we talk about our experiences... no check ups... my only gadget here is a blood glucose meter (it's a gift from my brother-in-law), I can't even buy a glucagon tablet or glucose gel if ever I have hypo episodes, I even havn't check my A1C... and to add, I don't have a job... still searching...
that's why I got lots of questions here, I'm just getting tips from you guys that's why I love reading your blogs as I've said it's educational...

This morning my Blood sugar was 131, at 5:30pm its 156 (i got suspicion that it's kinda high because of frequent urination), but before dinner it was 119 (after walking)....

I need some opinion... What do you think? DO you think I will take meds again or just exercise more? Please help...

Today is our 7th year anniversary... Hope things will get better soon...

Yes, your blood sugar is too high.

If you can cut out starchy foods, you might be able to get it back down to normal levels, but I understand that poverty makes it very difficult to buy the high protein foods that would substitute and that your culture is one that does not eat cheese.

Can you afford eggs? If you could eat eggs and beans in place of rice and noodles, that could help a lot. Walnuts, and almonds. Peanut butter on very thin crackers instead of more starchy food.

If you eat cheese, paneer type cheese and greens is a good choice.

Many of us do manage our diabetes without any meds and get excellent numbers by cutting back on the starch and sugar. One huge side effect is you will stop feeling hungry and this makes it easier to eat less. Though it seems more expensive, since you eat less food, it may work out.

thanks for the immediate answer ms.Jenny, I read your blogs, I learned a lot from it… Like bananas will make your blood sugar shoot up! and I love banana… maybe that’s the reason why my blood sugar shoot up this afternoon to 156… ( I ate 1 banana before i check my BG, that’s my snack)
yes, I love eggs… but I don’t eat the yolk only the egg whites… :slight_smile:
I don’t want to go back to taking meds coz I gained a lot of weight! after I stop taking meds I am starting to lose weight…

I recommend:

  1. contact your local Diabetes Assoc in your town and they will be able to direct you to care providers at no cost. Get test strips, blood tests etc.

  2. I would use your A1C blood test to see if you need to be on meds… it will give you an average bdl over a length of time

  3. Walmart has generic diabetic meds, i.e, 30 day supply is $4

  4. Use internet and look up Montel Show as he sponsors a way for those who cannot afford to buy meds to get meds for free.

Good luck,

It looks slightly high to me- maybe you can control it without meds for a while. It doesn’t look horrifically high.

Hi Richard, thanks for the advise, But We don’t have diabetes association in our country, I am from the Philippines… We don’t have walmarts here too… If I will get extra budget I will get my A1C check… :slight_smile: