Confused about insulin pump

I am having type 1 diabities… diagnosed when I was 10 years old… I am fed up of having diabities… :frowning:
recently I am totally dependent on human mixtard 30:70 (insulin pen)
Will insulin pump with basal or lantus suite my budget???
Or I should live the way I am???

Diabetes can be a burnout, no doubt! But glad to hear you are interested in a pump. I have been pumping for about 12 years and I love it - I would never go back to shots unless I had to because it gives you freedom. Insulin pumps constantly infuse fast-acting insulin into you during the day. So usually that is Novolog or Humalog, no Lantus or other baseline insulin is used. For this reason, it is very important to check your BG frequently when using a pump, at least 4 times a day, but ideally 6-8 times a day, every day. Are you checking your BG multiple times a day now? If not, work on developing that habit, then you'll be ready to take on a pump. There is a big learning curve at first, but then once everything is set up I think you will like it.

I agree with everything angivan said. Using a pump will definitely improve your control and your lifestyle.

I don't know what your budget is and whether your country provides any support for medical goods. Pumps are very expensive if you have to pay for them yourself and you need regular supplies to use with them. Some pump companies do give you a discount based on income, but if you have no government or insurance support they are very expensive.

If you are unable to get a pump I have another suggestion: The mixed insulin you are on is a pretty outdated type. You would do much better switching to a mix of fast acting (apidra, humalog or novolog) and long acting (lantus or levemir) insulins.

You don't mention what your control is like, if you don't test regularly and count your carbs to determine insulin dose the pump won't help you. You need to learn and use those skills whether on pump or shots. I recommend the book Using Insulin by John Walsh.

Zoe makes a great point. The mixed insulins really restrict your freedom, because if you need more fast-acting to cover more carbohydrates, you have to increase the slow-acting along with it, which can cause problems. At a minimum, change over to a set amount of slow-acting each day (or twice a day if needed), then just fast-acting at mealtimes. This will probably mean more shots for you each day, but it is well worth it. The John Walsh book is excellent...I read that a year or two before starting on the pump.

I'd say start reading. Pumping Insulin, Think Like a Pancreas, and Dr Berstein's diabetes solution(what he says isn't gospel but they book has some good info).

You need to take a basal/bolus approach....either with a pump or injecting. If you can afford a pump, that is probably the best route. If money is really tight you can still inject a faster insulin to cover bolus and a slower one for basal. I do MDI (injecting) and I injected levemir twice a day to cover my basal, and then inject faster insulin to cover my meals. I think once you switch over your life with diabetes will be a lot easier. I also have a continuous glucose meter which I love.

Thanx a lot :slight_smile:

Book think like a pancrea purchased… thank u… I will start reading it today itself:)

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I'd add that another option to dealing with the expense is to get a used pump from another diabetic that has had theirs replaced as standard practice.

I use the Omnipod, a "patch pump", so the mechanism gets "replaced" with each pod change. However, tubed pumps are replaced with newer models every X number of years as routine, I believe, with insurance coverage. New tubed pumps cost on the order of US$4-5,000; users are eligible to replace them every 5 years or something (someone with a tubed pump, please clarify!).

I don't know what happens with the old pumps -- some are probably kept as backup, some donated, etc. In any case, if budget is an issue, I'm sure there's some way to get a used pump for a lot less $$ -- maybe even free -- then all you're looking at in terms of expense are the infusion sets and the insulin.

Patch pump!!!
Okie will search about it…
thank u so much… :slight_smile: