Confused about when to upgrade!

So I currently have an omnipod, that I am not using. It’s warranty is up. So I’m really feeling confused on when to upgrade.

Here are my thoughts:

  • I’m intrigued my the Medtronic 670G. Part of me just wants to switch to it.

  • I also want to wait and upgrade to BigFoot or Tandem since they use the dexcom sensor. I’ve read articles stating the dexcom’s technology with the upcoming G6 and G7 will not require calibration… aka no glucose checks! I don’t want to sign up for 670 and then be stuck with them. If I don’t have to check my blood sugar, that would be the biggest weight off my shoulder!

*My other issue is that in the next year or so my husband and I are wanting to start a family for the first time. I am no where close to my pre pregnancy goals, and I want to be on the best possible pump for that.

Since there are no other companies with release dates besides Medtronic, it’s hard to just sit back and wait. Especially with the starting a family in the mix. But it would drive me completely nuts if the G6 comes out and I wouldn’t have to calibrate.

I had not heard no calibrating. I did hear it is approved for “taking action” without a finger stick, but that says something different to me than no calibrating. What I hear there is treat for a high or low based solely on the CGM without a confirmation finger stick.

The G6 is supposed to need calibration once/day vice twice/day with the G5.

The 670 in early tests was a one a day calibrate. If you are not in the 670 pre-selection program (if you did not opt into the 630G before May 1, 2017) it will not be available until the last of 1/3 of the school year. For those who did get in, they will be rolling it out over the summer.

Meanwhile, itis said that Tandem, Omnipod, Bigfoot biomedical will likely be in late approval in late 2017. I would play both sides and contact Medtronic and ask them what the steps would be,

I am actually super disappointed in the 670 since I’ve done a little research. I was most excited about the Auto Mode feature, but just found out it can only be set to 120! This is very disappointing. I would like my goal to be 100. Especially with my OBGYN wanting a range of 60-110 for pre pregnancy ranges.

I read an article (of course I can’t find it now) that that is the goal with G7… so I may have jumped a little ahead haha.

@mrshartley - I know it seems like the 670’s target of 120 mg/dL lacks ambition; that was my first thought, too.

Did you know an average blood glucose exposure of 120 mg/dL is equivalent to a 5.8% A1c? That’s better than a large majority of people with diabetes. And probably not objectionable even for the aggressive goals pregnant T1D’s set.

The G6 do need calibration and so does the 670G.

If you don’t have a warm fuzzy about the Medtronic, I would not pursue that and be locked into it when other options are expected to be available in the not too distant future. I have a hard time giving up Dexcom and Bigfoot seems within a reasonable reach, with more robust capabilities.

To the family planning point, do you follow Kerri Sparling or Ginger Viera, both of which have books with address pregnancy and diabetes? There are lots of other moms, new moms out there - Karen Hoffman, Sarah Sugabetic, Gina Capone…I could keep going. I’m sure they would all be willing to provide tips and support.

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