Confused on So Many Levels

Im so confused right now…because my best friend Gabi wants me to come up to OH for a week and then go to FL with her for a week and then right after that I’d go to D camp. The problem is, Id be missing 3 weeks of Volleyball practice! and that would severely damage my chances of getting on the team. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do! i really wanna play…like, vball means more to me than the other girls…its like when Im playing, I forget everything going on around me and everything Im going through. I even forget im diabetic. Which is huge for me. Its like, theres 2 times I forget about D and be a kid: when Im playing and when Im at camp. Sometimes I feel like D has taken part of my childhood because when I was younger my parents wouldnt let me do alot of things just because I was diabetic. (I was diagnosed at age 9) Which they still sometimes do, just not as bad. And playing vball feels like taking back the feeling of being a kid. Its one of those feelings I wanna hang on to forever and never let go of. Thats why I was so crushed about not making it last year. I felt like I lost the chance to be a kid for a little while longer…And now I may lose my chance again.

i was just diagnosed at 18, so i can only imagine how hard it must be having D as a kid. BUT i did compete in dance for almost 10 years, and i always chose dance over doing other things. my advice would maybe skip just a couple volleyball practices, i know you would probably loose some skill, but i wish that i didn’t let dance control my life so much as a kid. there was a lot more amazing experiences i could have had! i’m not telling you what to do, cuz its up to you, just giving my advice :slight_smile: good luck!

thanks for the advice Jade :slight_smile:

hey debb, how can they be so proud of me if im so confused?

Thanks debb! :slight_smile: well OH fell through…Gabis grandfather passed away a few days ago. he had cancer. it looks like we’ll still go to florida though. and it also looks like ill be on the JV volleyball team this year too! :smiley: Coach told me at our last practice that he wanted to make me a setter! so i guess it all worked out!