Confusion Explosion

I was diagnosed on 6 April this year. I was drinking and urinating, and my eyesight went blurry. I was exhausted, had sore legs and feet and was panting quite a bit. I had been on cortisone the previous week to help clear up my allergies. The doctor visited my house on Sunday morning, did a check up and then a urine test. He said it light up with a full house. I had a urinary tract infection, and diabetes. I was rushed off to hospital in East London. My sugar stayed high for quite a while, and then they started giving me insulin.

On my first day out of the hospital, I experienced my first low. I had 4 lows a day for a couple of days. It was pretty debilitating. I phoned the doctor, and he told me to decrease the insulin. This pattern continued for a while. He had told me to go off it completely for a while to stop my lows, and then restart it when I needed it. It turned out I didn’t need it for a couple of months.

So, according to my doctor, I’m officially a Type 1 in the honeymoon period, although a case could be made for me being an insulin-dependent Type 2. He said this, though, before I told him that I still wasn’t on insulin. I informed him of that info, and he looked surprised. I asked him what my HbA1C was, and he said he hadn’t done one. I spoke about the GAD, but sadly I actually had a low in my doctor’s office and very little went in. I also just plain didn’t understand what he meant, because I hadn’t read that much about the tests at that stage. Since then I’ve had surgery, and after that my insulin needs have increased (now I actually have a need for it!!!).

I am very, very confused. I want a diagnosis. I want clarity. I want to be able to plan around things. I’m going to see another doctor tomorrow morning, the one in my town. The doctor in East London sent all my test results to him (I think), so perhaps he will be able to explain it all to me and help to understand.

I know how you feel megan.I am glad you are going to find out soon.Take care .The most important is diabetes was discoverd and was promtly delt with till next step,knowing if it is autoimmune or not.