Confussed you bet I am

I was thinking I must have been diabetic for a long time before I was diagnosed in 1996 looking back I had all the symptoms I have today for a long time I was given lactoluse syrup to help with my digestive system in fact I took it by the bottle full week in week out, did this contribute to my diabetes.

For as long as I an remember I had been having funny terns much like the hypo's I get today should everyone be given a diabetes check say every 5 years or 2 years most of the time the doctors fob you off with some kind of medicine but checking for diabetes and heart problems could save lives and the NHS national health service a bucket full of money in the long term.

With our general election looming most parties are promising the earth seeing a cancer specialist within weeks getting the results even quicker, prevention has to be better than any cure, wish I could have avoided my massive heart attack in 2004 and I could if I had given up smoking 40 to 60 fags a day yes a day, did I know it would lead to trouble of course I did could I give it up you try it is more addictive than heroin not that I would know that read it somewhere, why not have diabetes checkups for everone, let's start at birth.

Now I struggle every day just to get through it, the wife just phoned to sau she got to work, wish I could work trouble is I get puffed out just sitting down as I am now our stairs have become a daily challenge getting up and down, If I could turn the clock back I would and when someone at work gave me my first fag to smoke I would tell them where to shove it, the trouble is at times of stress fags do calm you down and giving them up was so difficult.

I paid the price in full and nearly died all because I did not have the will power to say no you have to be a very strong person to give up the smoking habbit, what has this to do with diabetes I hear you say well probably nothing, all I know is that I have to inject myself 3 times day take pills check my blood sugars and watch waht I eat and when I eat it, some life the pills are causing me awful pains in my arm and shoulder muscles so will I have to take more pills I already take co-dydramol for the pain and it does not help much.

For me diabetes is a state of mind somedays I have full control of it other days I have no idea what I am doing shoving drugs into my body at the rate I do each day is not the answer I need someone to show me how to control my thoughts emotions and moods that way I would be in control of myself and not the drugs.

This morning my blood sugar is 6.4 yesterday it was 8.4 the day before 6.8 and the day before that 6.5 it is between 7 and 2pm my blood sugars go high being up and down cannot be good for the body, right now I need to have a rest tuckered myself out just sitting here.