Congratulations, 2017 Fellows!

We’re so proud of the 2017 #MasterLab Leadership Institute cohort of Fellows! We had an amazing weekend filled with collaboration and hard work.

Our cohort of Fellows included PhD researchers, startup founders, leaders planning awareness initiatives, small business founders, non-profit leaders, and health educators leading community projects. Throughout the weekend, the Fellows learned how to increase their impact, refine their business plan to be sustainable (even as non-profits!) and prepare to grow their programs.

You can read more about the weekend fun here!

Thank you to @LillyDiabetes, @NovoNordiskUS and @Merk for supporting our vision through event sponsorships. Thank you to Lilly Diabetes for providing each Fellow with a travel scholarship, to enable us to bring together this group of inspiring minds!

@Brian_BSC so happy to share time with you this past weekend! Hope you had safe travels home. I’m tired, but so very worth it.

Thanks @TypeJones. I had a great time. I’m still a little tired but I learned a lot. I took the opportunity to post some of my experiences over in Share Your Stories.

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i know late but late better than never. congrats to those participants. do this do this yearly or is it just a one time thing? i think it would be good to have it again.