Conscious about the looks?

Hi everyone.I just came back from an appointment with a dark cloud over my head.I can almost feel sparks coming out of my hair.Here’s why:

I had a trial with the minilink about 3 weeks ago,and I absolutely loved it and decided to go full time with it.My endo scheduled me for another go at the minilink today,so I was pretty excited and in a too good mood,I even printed out my readings for them.
So I go to the clinic,only to find out that their whole stock of minilinks went nuts and was sent to the company for repairs.So they had to use the CGMS-picture bellow-,which means an added trouble of another site,which I wouldn’t have minded at all with the minilink.Another tubing-a pretty thick one-and a whole new machine hooked up to me!.
I was connected to this particular CGMS two times before and I was absolutely ok with it because it was my ticket to the pump,my endo wanted to see the results beofore approving so I was pretty much smitten at the time to notice how ugly and stupid it is,not only it’s bigger than the pump,but it doesn’t show any readings so I wouldn’t react to them.

In my clinic’s defense,the educator was very apologetic and sorry,and gave me the option to wether install or not.But I had to go with yes because my endo really needs to see the results and I rescheduled my trip to attend the appt, and get the said minilink.
So I’m full of negative energy with no one to vent out on.Who’s at fault here?.Medtronic for minilinks with glitches?My endo?educator?or me for even saying yes.
I’m not worried my pump,in fact,I even like to show off with my pump.I’ve never been consious about how I look.In fact, I’ve always pitied teenagers who are too aware about their looks,and now I’ve joined the club :\ .
I have an occasion today,and now I absolutely have no idea where to put those two,I’m not trying to hide diabetes nor am embarrassed about it.It just ruins the line and remind me of how angry at those faulty minilinks.
.and don’t mind my language,punctuation or vocabulary,I can’t think straight to speak in my own native language right now,let alone another.And I’m really sorry if it sounds too shallow or whiny to you,I just thought no one would understand better than diabetics :" .

So,that’s my life story for today,I’m feeling pretty down right now :frowning: .Anybody have any thoughts to add?