Consider giving up

I was right when I got type one I am now 23 and I haven’t been doing what I was suppose to but for the last nine months I have been taking my BG eight times a day I have slowed down on that to three times I been in the pump for five months. Now my BG runs in a low form idk what I should do because I feel like giving up because I hate how I feel then I eat eat eat till its to high any advise

I mean to say eight haha

christina, im not on a pump, and im sure that pumpers will be able to advise you about the specifics of problems with the pump but if youre low a lot, you may have to do some basal testing first to see if your basal settings are accurate. walsh´s book "using insulin" has info on testing/setting up basals. this page may help as its got some info on starting testing basals. i know there is info somewhere on tuD about it as well, maybe on the pumpers fórums. if they are ok, then you may have to tweak your I:C ratio. changing over to the pump seems to be a big adjustment and lots on tuD have said they use less insulin with it tan they did with MDI.

testing three times a day is the minimal you should be testing. if youve got more strip allocation per day, consider yourself lucky and use those strips! dont give up, this is just a blip in your self care, youre getting back on the wagon right now.

its really hard to stop eating all hypo. make sure you keep track how much 1 gram of carb raises you and eat only the amount you need of FAST ACTING glucose so it goes right in!

good luck and let us know how youre doing son!

If you don't like where your BG is, I suspect the solution may be to test more than 3x/ day to figure out what the issue is that's pushing your BG down rather than less because you have a pump. I have a pump and a CGM but still test somewhere around 12x/ day to keep an eye on things and make sure it's working correctly.

Diabetes is really, really hard. It isn't some acute condition where you just go to the doctor, he gives you a pill and you are fixed. It is chronic, we live with it every day and all the many times we have to think about and do something every day can just wear on you. Sometimes it is called diabetes burnout. In fact, there is a book "Diabetes Burnout" that you might like. Sometimes, it is even more important that we get our head's on straight. Feeling bad and blaming ourselves, when really it is not our fault doesn't really do us any good (and may actually harm us). Hopefully we can help you deal with some of this. And please, look at this post and realize that the simple act of writing this down is the first step in getting better.

Thank you that was very insightful I think I will go back to testing eight times I only stopped because my fingers were sore

I stopped testing eight times a day because it made my fingers sore I think that’s because I have favorite fingers

Thank you so much for that I believe that it will give me strength to look at this a different way

omg, my fingers were sore too, but then this girl a couple of months back posted how she used one finger every day so that each Little finger had a weeks rest. i try to use one side for half the day, then switch over to th other side after 4 sticks! Works for me!

You can upgrade your lancing devise! BD makes a 33 gauge lancet that works with a variety of devices including the basic One Touch and Bayer. If you use those and properly adjust the depth, you fingers may start to feel quite a bit better.


Using all your fingers are important. I test between 12 to 15 times a day and use all my fingers even my thumbs. If I use my index finger when I wake up next test I'll use index finger on the other hand. Having a method where every finger gets a chance to be used every day has worked for me for years. I rarely have had sore fingers.

use the palms of your hands, my fingers are rejoicing.

Christina, it certainly doesn't help to have diabetes, but you know, a lot of people your age are stuck in a similar frame of mind. They have done what everyone advised with their lives and education and aren't getting where they thought they should be by now. They also hate how they feel and eat (or drink) to compensate. Once they have a job, or anything in their lives that helps them move forward, they recover that resolve and sense of direction. I hope everything else in your life is fine. If it is, then getting your blood sugar manageable can only make things better. If not, maybe it will be just the thing that helps you feel like NOT giving up. At 23, diabetes or not, you have some wonderful times ahead. Good luck with your efforts, kiddo.

I’ll try that thank you

I’ll ask my doctor about that since I see him every month

How does that work using your hands I mean does it work well. Do you get enough blood with one prick of the needle

That’s good because my favorite fingers is the ring and middle finger in my left hand I would only use those and I have marks all over them I’m trying to use other fingers but I find it painful

I have had this for 14 years and I now want everything to be in order but I wake up good BG then now I’m low that what gets me down this is everyday

palm below little finger and I poke and push down to draw blood, now using my fingers seems odd to me.