Consider giving up

I check that when I am checking 7+ times a day, if I change my lancet once a day my fingers fair much better. I used to change it either when my fingers started hurting or once a week, whichever came first.

ill give it a try i never tried there but ill try everything at least once if it works thank you for the advice.

Christina if you are going low everyday then you want to figure out what is causing it and change your dosing. Is it after a certain meal (reduce the I:C ratio for that meal). Is it between meals at a certain time of day? Reduce your basal rate for the period two hours before the time you start to go low. Then test and keep careful records and see how those changes work before reducing more (or something else) if needed.

my lows are all over the board because ill wake up with a low. then ill be fine till after a meal then low again. plus when i am low i eat eat till i feel better. so i have to correct for my highs. i go to the doctor on the 3rd ill tell him. (when i am at the doctors i feel like i dnt know what to say or anything im just starting to go to the doctor with out my parents)

You have a few topics, so I will try to discuss each one a little.

I have not been on the pump, but I have read on different discussions to give yourself between 3 to 6 months to get the hang of it before you give up on the pump. I wouldn't start dropping the number of testing times a day until you get the hang of it.

I understand overeating when you get too low. Life sucks at that point because you are yo-yoing - you would feel bad if you had the low or the high, but you had both, so you feel worse. It is definitely discouraging and depressing, partially just because you feel like crap. This is totally normal and someone who does not take mdi or on a pump will not understand. The reality is you need a little emotional boost and direction. Sometimes when we get discouraged we need a little push to head in the right direction.

For low bg's I used to eat until I started feeling better. DO NOT DO THAT! When you are correcting for a low, try to keep approximate track of the carbs, wait 15 or 20 minutes to see if it has started to rise. If you are eating crackers, try to count them. I keep gummy candies in individual packages or capri sun containers (each 15 grams of carbs) so I can correct on the go or in the middle of the night. The good thing about these options is they are easily transportable you can correct your low, then when your brain is functioning again, you can correct for the extra carbs you shouldn't have eaten. I have corrected the lows this way and sworn I only ate one package of gummy candies, but when I counted the wrappers it turned out I ate 3. (oops!)

Last thing is, since you are a girl like me, make sure you have different base settings for different times of the month. That can really screw with your plans if you don't change those when needed. I didn't figure that out until I had been diabetic more years than you have been alive. Nobody told me. For years, a few days a month I would wake up at like 2am sitting on the floor in my kitchen, eating left over spaghetti, or other left overs, from the container. Other days I would wake up with food in my teeth, like my roommates oreo cookies. I hate Oreos. My doc told me I had a type of sleep walking they called sleep eating. Anyway, you'll figure it out.

Good luck. We all get frustrated. It sucks to be diabetic.

thank you for that i will take in everything you said and figure were im going from here to the next step in my care.

You might want to consider using glucose tablets, so you don't over-treat your lows and end up high. That roller coaster is actually worse for us than just a high or just a low.