Considering a new pump

Are there any pumps that have integrated CGM, bolus from the meter, and a 300 or so unit reservoir?

You can look at the Integrated Diabetes Services website for a comparison of current offerings.

I would also search on the diaTribe website. They often do reviews of pumps as they come out as well as look into the near future insulin pump releases.

You may want to consider separating the functions of the pump and the CGM unless you’re considering one of the early offerings of the artificial pancreas. The Medtronic 670 pump will use their integrated CGM to alter doses of basal insulin in response to rising and falling blood glucose levels. I think the 670 is predicted to be available this April 2017.

The advantage to separating the pump and CGM is because most private insurance (US) will limit replacement to a 4-year timeline while they will often replace CGMs every year. This allows you to keep pace with CGM improvements than it would having to wait for CGM-enabled pump’s 4-year timeline. The future, for sure, will move to integrated pump/CGMs that work together to form an artificial pancreas system, but those systems will take a year or two (or three!) to show up.

Good luck with your search.

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