Considering the Animas 2020 Pump

I was wondering if anyone using the Animas 2020 would care to share their opinion(s)? I’m currently on the MM712 for the past 4 years with the warranty ending this month. My Endo suggested the 2020 as a replacement, but I would really like to talk with someone on this pump…

I just started using it a couple months ago and have been really happy with it. (I used to use the Deltec Cozmo and was also very happy with that.) I switched to the Animas because it is really compact and comfortable to wear (in addition to having great features). The support team also has been terrific and they were able to finalized the whole process and get my new pump to me really quickly. I would recommend giving your local Animas rep a call and setting up a time for him/her to come talk to you. (I would also recommend the same for any other pump you are considering). It is really helpful to see and feel the pump and be able to get a sense for how it works. I’m happy to answer any other specific questions you have as well but I’ve been happy with my choice so far.

I reviewed the Animas 2020 as part of my evaluation of insulin pumps. You can find it here -

I would have chosen the Animas over the Deltec and the MiniMed if they had a reservoir size of 300 units(they have a 200 unit limit in the 2020).
I would also suggest Gary Schneir’s article on selecting an Insulin Pump -

DiabetesMall has a nice table that compares the features of the insulin pumps available today -

Hope this helps