Considering the pod for my petite lean 11 year old very active daughter. Are there enough sites on her to work?

I’ve read all of the pros and cons of the omnipod. Looks amazing to me (realizing I’m not the one wearing it.) Haven’t seen a lot on young kids. At 4’ 7" and 78 pounds are there enough sites on on her for this thing to work well? Any comments or opinion would be appreciated.

You can gather a lot of information from the Omnipod You can sign up for a free demo kit so your daughter can see how it feels to wear one on her body without insulin in it. Also if you search the site, they have several sheets that suggest “pod placement” for children or adults. Best wishes to you and your daughter.

I’ve read it and was looking for someone’s real life experiences. She put the demo on yesterday and it started beeping and wouldn’t stop. Finally had to take it off and put it away. They told us couldn’t tell what caused it without the PDA. Thx for your response and wishes.

It’s strange that the demo was beeping. I found that you can go online and order another though and they had no problem with me trying two or three before making the jump to the Omnipod. (I tried my first one in early July, and then a later one in late August at a water park). I’m not what anyone would call lean but I do have some smaller friends on the Omnipod and they’ve had no trouble with any places that they could “pinch an inch” as my doctor told me. If you’ve got enough skin to be able to pinch some up you’ll probably be just fine with the pod.

Insulet also offers a “trial” period where you can return it if it’s not working out. I love the omnipod. I had a lot of issues inserting infusion sets for my minimed pump, and I’ve found I can use the omnipod in many more areas. The automatic insertion is the best feature to me!

My son is 6, been using it for two years. He is lean. We use four main areas, both sides of his back and both sides of his belly. He is very active. I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

I use 8 different sites, and I’m what most people call lean (5’10", 170 lbs). I use inner-thigh, abdomen, lower-back/butt, and back of the arms, alternating left and right for each of those. I definitely prefer some more than others, of course.
I would think that with all those choices, your daughter could find some that work well for her.
I’m under the impression that the more different sites you can use in a rotation, the less likely you’ll have long-term issues with absorbtion or scar tissue build-up, but I’m not really sure - you should ask a Dr. or CDE and Insulet about that.

My 8 year old son has been using the Omnipod for about 3 months. He is tall and skinny also. He hasn’t had any trouble with finding a site. We put it on the back of his arms, his stomach, his upper buttocks, and also his upper legs. He loves it and the freedom it has given him. I have been very pleased with the product. Of course we have had a few adjustments as you do with anything new therapy. Overall, I strongly recommend using it. If her legs are really skinny, I wouldn’t recommend putting it there.

I saw his videos a few minutes ago. I think if it works on Caleb it wouldn’t be a problem for Rachel. Thanks for putting up the videos that helps a lot with seeing how easy it really appears to be.