Constantly Low..!

I’ve had a cold for a couple days now and I have been CONSTANTLY low.
I actually haven’t had a cold since I have been dx’d with the d almost two years ago.
I was told you were suppose to be higher than normal when youre ill.
It’s very frustrating having to eat to get my levels back to okay…!
and because theyve been on the lower side for the past few days-
I don’t feel the low, I just happen to check at that moment.
usually i have hypo awareness.

are your levels higher or lower when you have a cold?


My levels are always higher when I have a cold. What are your numbers?

Mine are definitely higher, and I have more than just sniffles!

I find mine go low more often whilst ill. Then after my cold passes I have to increase my insulin levels almost 3x for around a week after. Strangeee, but thats how it affects moii.

Hope you feel bettter =)