Continuous Glucose Monitor Sensor Insertion FAIL

Obviously it’s not a good thing when you are using the Sen-serter insertion device to insert your CGM sensor and the inserter needle only goes halfway into your abdomen… CGM Sensor Insertion FAIL

Oh man. Been there a few times. Also tried both of your solutions: manually pushing the needle the rest of the way, and pulling it out and trying a new spot. It depends how much it hurts which one I’ll do, and I’ll say both ways have about the same success rate—which is so-so.

I’ve only found my upper abdomen successful for sensor placement (and even then it is sometimes finicky), but I’ve heard of others with better success than I. Been using the CGM for 2+ years.

I’ve rammed a few of those in b/c I am a tightwad and loathe wasting sensors. It is not a particularly pleasant sensation.

I do a test first to check if the gadget works , without my flesh being right there …if it does , meaning the device is in place and operates I go for the real stuff …I decided to replace the Serter recently …I happen to have another unused one in the cupboard …and chucked the funky one