Contour Next meter

Anyone in the Portland Oregon area who uses the Contour Next. I need the local rep contact info. Thanks

Why you have the best.

I would call the company headquarters to find out the local rep. Another alternative is to call your endo office because chances are they know the local rep. Although I always know who my local pump rep is, I have never dealt with a local meter rep and I bet most people are the same.

My current fav meter is the Contour Next One. I also have 2 other of their models. Consistent results. I’ve used most every meter on the market since the mid 90’s. Before I wised up, I used to use Lifescan and Accucheck. :slight_smile: I still can’t believe I used the bulky, noisy, inaccurate (when above ~160) motorized model.

Lifescan meters that used the chemically reactive paper strips used a heck of a lot of blood. I can’t even recall off the top of my head which meter models I’ve used without having access to a complete visual list of them. :slight_smile:

My health plan covers the One Touch, which reads higher than I am - so I end up correcting highs I don’t have,and havin glows where my meter says I am in range - I do 10-15 fingersticks a day (my range asset on Dexcom is 60-130).So lots of after-effect major lows. The various reports I have had access to (aomehow I got on some good Endo mailing lists) show the Contour Next as within guidelines 100% of the time. The One Touch is maybe 85-90% of the time depending on the report. Thanks for your input