Contour next vs Contour next One (20 mg difference)

Hello, has anyone here use Contour next or Contour next One?

I got both. Use the control solution to test both of them and both within the range.

Different here is the Contour next One is 18-20 mg higher than the Contour next (that quite a difference). I did two test every morning and every.time it like that.

Can’t figure out what wrong.
The Contour next is made in Japan. and the Contour next One is made in Indonesia. I don’t know if that make any difference.

But 20 mg difference? There has to be one that is off.

Please if you can help. Sorry English is not my first language.

Depends on numbers. If in the 200’s, 20 points is reasonable different.

The Next One is a newer model. You could contact Customer support, and might get replacement meter or technical explanation.

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I would use the nextOne ast that is the latest certified model. If you don’t like what it shows, buy another on on Amazon for $5.25 delivered and see if you get the same results.

Just remember BG should never be looked at as a number, just a range. If your range is trending down, regardless of the meter, you are improving your control. If your range is trending up, your control is getting worse so the actual number at one point in time is really not all that relevant. Your A1C or GMI if using a Dexcom CGM will confirm your progress over time.

Keep us posted and we will be happy to help you any way we can. Thanks again for joining and sharing!!!