Contour Strip vial cap hinges suddenly breaking after years of never happening

I used those strips for more than 5 years, to the tune of 17 a day, on average, for at least 3 of those years. Never had a broken cap. In the last couple of months, every vial has had it’s cap separate from the hinge. Anyone else notice this reduction in vial quality recently?

I know what you mean, cheap and nasty plastic or TOY plastic is used in everything now. Just look at medtronics 6xx line of pumps compared to previous pumps, looks like plastic you get out of a childs vending machine. I also noticed the lids snapping off.

I stuff my contour strips in old One Touch Ultra vials because I had a custom leather pouch made for all my diabetic supplies in Shanghai several years ago and the One Touch Vials are both smaller, better made and fit my pouch.

Have you called them to tell them this is happening ? Nancy50

This hasn’t ever happened to me. I’ve been using the Contour and Contour Next line of meters for about ten years now, since the original Contour USB meter came out in 2010. However, I’m in Canada, so not sure if the strips and containers may be made in different facilities from the USA.

Could be an error in manufacturing or duh it is an error.
Many moons ago…many,many moons I worked in a factory waxing paper cups. Brutally hot and hard work then long wait periods between heating wax and Yama. Factory work is had.
Well, we were supposed to run checks on the cups to be sure they didn’t leak.
You get where this is going…letter from the President of the Company on every machine customer had a company picnic every single cup leaked.
Guessing a quality control check was missed on your holders.
Sometimes my test strips will fail about 35% of the time in certain batches…I figure it’s quality control issue.

What does a test strip failure look like? In past 30 years I have never seen a test strip fail even when doing 8-12 tests a day. The only failure I ever encountered were in the early days when a lot more blood was required to fill the test strip channel and my drop of blood was too small which was of course my error, not a test strip failure due to manufacturing process. Is it just me? I have never heard of test strips failing prior to this post.

My reader says Err and won’t give me a number. I use the Walmart Relion.

Oh, thanks for information - I have only used One Touch Strips and Contour Strips and have never had a problem but looking through threads see that others with other brands have had issues.

I store my used ones in an empty contour vial. The used vial which I store all used strips in lasts about one month. I have not noticed any difference lately.

I’ve used one touch ultra strips for years, testing 8-10 times a day, and every once in a while I get a strip that won’t work, with the error message coming up as soon as the strip is used. And also, every once in a while, I get a bottle of strips where several strips do that.

I’ll be switching to the Contour soon…maybe I should start saving some empty one touch vials, just in case?

Just recently I had a strange experience with CVS advantage which I purchase my self. Medicare provides me two strips a day with one touch. Which usually matches my CVS Strips. I opened up a new batch of Cvs advantage and my morning numbers (usually 90 to 110) become 130 to 150, I tried my one touch it was 95.
I finally just threw out the CVS strips. And bought new cvs strips. LOL my morning BG was back to my usual rang.that to me was a failure of the
CVS strips. Nothing works right all of the time