Contour strips price increase

Does anyone use ContourNext strips (it links to the Minimed pump)? I just went to the pharmacy for a refill and the pharmicist says their market price quadrupled. I tried to find some info online about it and don’t see anything. Has anyone heard anything?

23 cents per strip on Amazon.
Looks about the same as last time I looked.

Nope. What pharmacy? What state, or country?

Kaiser in CA!

ah. I’m in Calif also. Medicare part B pays for it in full so I’m shielded from pricing info.

I just filled my January script today. Retail at walgreens was listed at $145 or so for a box of 100 strips before tax. I paid a bit less than that with my insurance’s “discount” or whatever they call it now.

Amy, It might work out cheaper to buy Contour Next strips on Amazon and avoid the pharmacy pricing.

There is also a co-pay discount card for those that qualify,

Amy (“a bit less than $145”) are you saying that you paid over $100 for a box, with insurance? OMG, what type of insurance is that? Before Medicare, I paid either nothing, $20, or $30 for an entire months worth (usually around 400 strips or more) when I had BCBS, and other well-known group insurance (PPO plans) plans through an employer. the higher copays were due to variances of the contracted pricing the insurance had with various strip manufacturers.
With Medicare I pay zilch, thank god.

I pay until I hit my deductible, which will be next month. Then I pay closer to nothing. I agree that this insurance is far from ideal - but it’s a stop gap measure while I am between jobs. Hopefully, things will get better soon!

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ouch! Never had insurance that had much of a deductible.
However, my wife was on COBRA and paid over $1300/month instead of the original cost of 1/2 that, thanks to her company being bought out. Not only that, she was forced to move her 401 during the most volatile time in recent times, so that cost us tens of thousands in lost value during the time the money was out of the market. Couldn’t have come at a worst time (the requirement that she pull it all out by a certain date, with very little advance warning).