Contour USB

Does anyone use the Bayer Contour USB blood tester? Walgreens has a great sale on it now. I just got mine today and when I plugged in to my usb port, all that comes up is an empty screen showing in the upper bar "CONTOUR USB(k:). Anyone else have that problem?

I think that if you have Windows 7, or use a Mac, that it won’t autolaunch properly… You have to manually find the file to open the program, and there are instructions that come with the meter for the software. It’s a leaflet. You can also call their customer service to help you. (there should be 2 drives, instead of just one.)

We had to call Bayer to get the program working on my computer.

In addition to the Glucofacts program that graphs your readings, the Contour USB contains 500 MB of storage space, which is what is popping up for you. I use Windows XP still so the graphs/analysis program automatically launches for me, but as others have said if you use a different operating system you may have to call Bayer to figure out how to get it to run.

I use Windows XP. It did come up for me a couple times, but most of the time not. So I am going to call them later. Also, I compared it to my One Touch Ultra and it was 50 points lower and with a Freestyle it was 59 points lower. This is not acceptable to me. Maybe they will just have to send me a new one. I did like what I saw when it did come up for me, but because of the lower reading, I am now using my One Touch till I find out what’s going on. Thanks for the suggestions.