Control Overeating

I really need help with overeating at night. I do good until 8:00pm then I graze all night until bedtime. I drink water and keep veges around but I do not feel full at all. Please Help!

I don’t know what type of diabetes you may have - but you might want to research “Symlin”. For Type 1 patients this can be prescribed by your physician and has many benefits. It can greatly reduce the amount of insulin you require, reduces peaks in your BS after meals by reducing the amount of glucose your liver spills out and also for some produces a “full” feeling and reducing food intake. There is a Symlin group on this site. I have been using this for nearly six weeks and have great success. It is an injection taken before meals.

If you are don’t mind taking supplements I have been taking PlexusSlim. It is all natural and can be taken anytime of day. I usually take it in the afternoon to control nighttime eating. It is somewhat expensive but I know plenty people on it diabetics (all types) and non-diabetics, and they have lost weight and inches and controlled cravings and over eating. Just some advice I don’t sell it so this is not an advertisement!!!

Eat fewer carbs, and you will have fewer cravings.

If you’re eating a lot of carbs at dinner, that will make you hungry all night. Eating protein will keep you full & satisfied.

For me, I had to come to terms with hunger. My skinny husband does not look at hunger as something that is wrong or needs to be treated. Sometimes he is hungry and he does not eat. He is either busy or food is not convenient.

I learned from him that it’s ok to be hungry, it is not a bad condition and I don’t have to do anything about it.

That ended the nighttime munchies for me. I now like going to bed hungry. I sleep better!

I got a scale and use these little plastic “kid bowls” we got from IKEA for servings of snacks. I weigh stuff to see how big it is and pretty much stick to the plan. I love reading and snacking and listening to music in the evening.

I eat Delit meat… slices of Ham, Chicken, Turkey
Also? Hot dogs…Cold or Nuke them, cut them up , eat with toothpicks
Pork Skins…Crunchy and “0” carbs

Do you snack while on the PC? Spend more time on it in the Evening then…
Summertime is cumming… spend time outdoors is can… Drink Ice Tea…
I listen to the Ball Games and Drink Ice Tea or go visit neighbors…and BS…
Want to get Full? Drink Beer! 1 -2 cans should do it, ck the carbs and test b4- and after of course…

Hope that helps