Control solution and the one touch ultra2

I dont know if anyone can help me or not but my question is this.
I am a onetouch ultra2 user and I find it very difficult to callibrate it with the control solution as you have to get it right on the edge of the strip and it dosn’t seem to work most times for me as I am either to shaky or unsteady or I’m just not getting the hang of it. Does any one have any suggestions that might be of help to me.
I would appreciate all the help I can get.
Thank you


The control solution doesn’t calibrate the meter. All it does is tell you if the meter is reading within the expected range for a given amount of glucose.

If you are seeing readings that seem right, there is no reason to wasted strips on control solution tests.

And when I had a meter that was innaccurate the control solution still read in range, though the company replaced the meter (which had been recalled and which did NOT match lab by 50 mg/dl).

If you want to calibrate your meter, compare it to the results from lab glucose test.

Why not treat it like a drop of blood? Squeeze out some of the solution on a clean finger where you normally test. Your muscle motion training from weeks/months/years of testing should take right on over.

I use a glass slide (actually a coaster - Very clean and dry). A drop of solution on the glass is very easy to hit. I some times just compare the last stip of the old batch of strips with the first of the new ones. It saves buying the solution (not a big expense but my Pharmacy never has it in stock). As Jenny says, why waste strips on the control solution

Put the drop on the back of your freshly washed hand, or a sheet of waxed paper, and pick it up from there as if picking it up from your finger prick.


Thank you Terry I’ll try that.
sounds good to me.