Controlling D while taking care of elderly parents

Hello all, just wondering how many of you are taking care of elderly parents while trying to take care of yourself?

My roadblocks are the liver dumping, if I don’t get some food and a bit of insulin at certain times of day my BG rises quickly, then I am dealing with that mess.

When my parents need something I find it difficult to say no, or put them off for an hour or so. They are very set in their ways and need what they need when they need it.

Today I am taking Dad to the doctor, that is at 3pm. Gotta keep an eye on the BG cause if I miss dinner it will start to climb.

I guess I just have to remember to test more often on those days, it is just hard.

My mom still can’t figure out why I can’t eat a cookie. LOL

I hear you. I look after my mum, who has cancer, and I feel that keeping up with her care is enough, it leaves me with little time to worry about my own D. Hang in there!

Thanks Arihat, they are not sick, just old. Dad had a few issues over the last couple of years but they are fixed now. Sorry about your mum’s cancer. It is good that she has you to take care of her. :o)