Controlling Diabetes - A Personal Story

The author was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in 2004. The Hemoglobin A1C (HgA1C) that this initial diagnoses was based on came out to 7.4 mg/l or 133 mmol/l. As a guideline, a HgA1C result above 6.9 mg/l or 125 mmol/l indicates that a person is a Type II Diabetic.

After initial diagnosis, with prescription drugs in hand, the journey of keeping blood sugar under control began. An exercise program had already been started and was steadily increased and in less than a month, the medication was too powerful and resulted in low glucose readings. After consultation with the attending physician the medication was dropped and the diabetes was controlled strictly with diet and exercise.

Initially, exercise was the easy part, diet however was a mystery. To start with, all carbohydrates were eliminated from the diet , which created problems with nutrition, although weight was lost rapidly. As a result blood sugar was under control, but the body was deficient of other needed nutrients.

It wasn’t until I attended a one day seminar on diabetes care, the mystery of diet was resolved. The bottom line is that a diabetic can eat almost everything within reason, as long as the portion size is monitored closely. The website provides excellent tools to monitor ones food and nutrition intake.

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