Convo w/ a perfect stranger

I was talking on the phone to this young lady at BC (verifying benefits). For some strange reason I blurted it out I have to eat lunch. The young lady on the other end said you need to eat before your blood sugar is low…lol I said I know I am a diabetic and I have to watch out for low BG’s. She said she was sorry she didn’t mean to offend me. I let her know she didn’t and I wasn’t ashamed of my diabetes. She said she thinks she may have diabetes but her Dr won’t test her for it. She also said if she doesn’t eat she gets weak and she has even blacked out. I let her know she should request to be tested for diabetes. I invited her to Tudiabetes:)
It’s funny how things come up…I hope she get’s tested!

Wow! Yes, one of the benefits of being 100% open about your diabetes is the opportunity to help others!

It sounds like it could be hypoglycemia… I wonder why her doctor won’t test her!!

It’s great you invited her here! I think places like this educate us much more than doctors can. How crazy is it for a doctor to refuse the test? I hope she gets it sorted somehow, and soon.

Great job of helping and educating others! And I think we have all learned… to keep on asking until we get the care we need. :slight_smile: